Wednesday, 5 July 2017

BTDT's Guide to a Successful Garage Sale

Garage Sale Guide

Garage Sales are a perfect opportunity to clear out unused household items. All you need for a successful sale is a good plan! 

How To Choose

First, you will need time to go through your belongings and decide what to sell. The best area to start in is the garage. Clearing out the garage will give you not only time to collect sale items, but a chance to clean the garage for the big day. Unused tools for the home and lawn always sell well. This would also be a great time to get rid of the extra lawn chairs and coolers. It always helps to sell items in season! 

Once you have cleared space in your garage, now it's time to tackle the other rooms of your home. Closets, cabinets, and drawers can quickly amass lots of stuff. Out of sight, out of mind, right? In fact, most people wear only 20% of their clothes 80% of the time. A good way to decide on clothes is to ask if it fits, is it stained or torn, or has it been worn in the last year? If any of these are 'no' then it could be time to sell. In the kitchen and bathroom, the same holds true, has it been used in the last year? 

Time To Organize

Next, you will need to price your items and prepare for the sale. With the internet, the guessing game is taken care of with a simple search of garage sale pricing. If you can't find a certain item, a great guideline is to price at about 10-25% of the original purchase. And price each piece individually unless you can save time with like items in a box and one sign. 
It's now time to set up for the sale! Tables are crucial for displaying merchandise. If you are fortunate to have friends, neighbors, or family that have some, that is more money in your pocket. 

There are other areas you can save and keep your garage sale investment low. When subdivisions hold the weekend event, there will be no need to obtain a sales permit. There are also opportunities to advertise for free on social media and Craigslist. 

If you do not live in a neighborhood who hosts sales for residents, a small investment in signs will lead interested buyers to your sale. 

What's Left

The last step is planning ahead for the leftover items that did not sell. Call Bin There Dump That to schedule a bin to be delivered after your sale. This would be a perfect time to share with neighbors that also took part in the neighborhood sale. Each home can split the cost of the bin and completely rid their homes of the unused items. The task of taking to the dump is then taken care of by us. 

Monday, 19 June 2017

The Perfect Dumpster

Because we specialize in convenience for our customers, Bin There Dump That is Oklahoma's choice for unwanted debris removal.  
Whether the job is residential or commercial, we have the perfect bin. 

The Perfect Fit For All Jobs

Bin There Dump That has bins in several sizes, accommodating all jobs.

Our 4 yd. bin is 9 ft. long by 6 ft. wide and is 2 ft. tall. The 6 yd. bin is 10 ft. long by 66 inches wide and is 36 inches high. And the 10 yd. bin is 10 ft. long, 7 ft. wide and 4 ft. tall. 

All of these bins are perfect for small cleanout jobs, yard debris, and also heavy items such as brick or concrete. 

However, you may have furniture to dispose of, or you are renovating your home. Larger jobs are easily done with the other sizes we offer. 

Our 14 yd. bin is 12 ft. long, 8 ft. wide and 5 feet deep. And the 20 yard bin is also 12 ft. long by 8 ft. wide, but 2 feet taller, at 7 feet. 

All of our bins fit perfectly in a single space driveway, even the larger ones! And many times, a combination of bins is ordered to complete the job. 

Peace Of Mind

Besides providing several sizes of bins to fit the large variety of residential and commercial uses, our bins are paired with the proper lifts and equipment, ensuring the safest transport, delivery, and pickup. What this means is our transporting vehicles are fitted exactly with each bin, making for safe transportation around other motorists and the smoothest of delivery and pickup at locations. Safety and the care of your property come first. 

Our employees will also cover the bin with a tarp when picking up, assuring all items stay in the bin. They then sweep up the area, returning your driveway to its original condition. 


Instead of taking several trips to the local dump, Bin There Dump That gives you the convenience of having a bin delivered to you for collection of your unwanted items. 

Some projects are planned, such as remodeling or downsizing. Some other events happen that we don't plan, such as storm damage. Our convenient bins make every project more simple with the ease of collection bin and dumping in one phone call

Thursday, 11 May 2017

May Events in OKC

Warmer weather means more activities. This month, every weekend has outings for us to enjoy. From great art to sporting events, May is a great time in the OKC metro.

May 5-7

The annual Parade of Homes is going on during this first weekend. From Guthrie to Norman and Mustang to Choctaw, the metro has over 100 homes to tour during this annual 'open house' event. A great time to see the new trends or even shop for a new home. Homes will be opened each day 1-7pm. 

Edmond has their annual arts festival downtown also this weekend. Beautiful weather is expected for this event and there is something for everyone with food trucks, live entertainment, and of course, great art. 

May 13

Put on your running shoes and head to Luther for a 5K to 'dye' for. This color run is being held at Dead Woods Haunted Forest. The race is for fun and participants will be dyed by 6 different stations throughout the course. This event is for everybody whether you run, jog, walk, or even skip! 

Also on the 13th, is something for all of you shopaholics. Pop Up Shops in the Park, with 100 vendors, will set up at Hafer Park in Edmond. This could be the perfect opportunity for Mother's Day gifts. 

May 20

This day is for enjoying activities fairly new to OKC. 

Craft beer is becoming popular and Automobile Alley will be hosting local breweries, shops, and bands will play for a block party on May 20. 

And our beloved OKC Energy FC will host Orange County on May 20th. In their 4th season, the excitement at the games is unmatched. 

May 27

The annual Paseo Arts Festival runs the 27th thru the 29th. Paseo is known for its unique buildings and retail experience. Fine dining to pizza and boutiques to trinkets, all situated on a few hidden streets. 

Running for 2 days, a fun adventure in history is to be had at the Chuck Wagon Gathering & Children's CowboyFestival. Held at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, this is filled with activities galore. Rope making, petting zoo, bandana decorating, even food samples of authentic chuck wagon food. This is a definite 'must go' for family fun. 

How about that for a May calendar? 

Monday, 17 April 2017

Tips On Getting Your Home Ready To Sell!

Home Selling Preparation

Maybe you have been transferred to a new city or found the home of your dreams. Selling your current home now tops the list of “Things to Do.” It’s a huge undertaking but Spring is the best time and Bin There Dump That is here to help get your home ready to sell.

Bring Them In With Curb Appeal

Much contributes to Spring being the best time to sell. One reason is the weather. Compared to Winter months, grass, trees, and flowers, enhance the look of our homes. And with technology, your home must have an impressive first photo of the exterior. Today, people are searching the internet and that photo will attract potential buyers. So, how is your curb appeal? 

It is suggested ‘less is more’ with landscaping. The simple rules to keep in mind are 1. Keep it manicured 2. Add some color, and 3. Make it weed free. The goal is to trim the trees and bushes, add some colorful annuals, and feed the lawn to make it healthy. Once you have cleared out Fall leaves and extra limbs, these can easily be disposed of with Bin There Dump That bins.

It Helps to Create Space

According to realtors, a good rule of thumb is to clear out 2/3 space in cabinets and closets. This presents a wonderful opportunity! Home sellers are generating buyers by having garage sales. Certain excess items that are not going to be stored or moved can be sold and your neighbors will spread the word to their friends about the home being for sale. Any leftover items that did not sell can be easily taken away with one of our bins. Be sure to read our rules for what items Bin There Dump That can dispose for you.

Minor Repairs Pay Off

Sure, wallpaper is becoming popular again, but chances are buyers will most likely not agree with your style/choice. It’s best to steam away and discard. After the walls, look at your floor surfaces. Are there any chipped tiles to replace?

Consider your budget, but another repair that will please buyers are new sinks and toilets. Fresh and clean bathrooms, cleared out storage space, repaired surfaces, and beautiful curb appeal…you’re now ready to sell! Give Bin There Dump That a call and we will schedule a bin to be delivered to your home and ease the preparation process. 

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Ready To Update Your Home?

Updating Trends

You love your home. It’s in the ideal location, your neighbors are friendly, and the commute to work is stress free. The only problem is, the styles are dated. Lighting fixtures, flooring, cabinets, and countertops can easily be changed without leaving the home you love and Bin There Dump That is here to help!


Worn and dated carpet can be updated with wood floors. They’ve been attributed with less cleaning and as a helper with people who suffer from allergies. Once the floors have that classic look, why not complement with this year’s colors on the walls? Benjamin Moore’s ‘Shadow” 2117-30 and SherwinWilliams’ ‘Poised Taupe” SW 6039 are great neutral colors that can warm the walls.

White is the current popular choice for cabinets according to National Kitchen and Bath Association members, but can be contrasted beautifully with the wall color. In the kitchen, a colorful backsplash will go well with the white cabinets. Just remember, a hexagonal design is replacing the traditional square tiles. Be creative! And if you haven’t already done granite for countertops, consider the newer looks of quartz or marble.


Perhaps your home is quite new but the furniture needs updating. Picture a colorful island in your kitchen to offset the white cabinets. Rather than staying neutral in colors in other areas of the home, the new island can be a focal point of color! Besides the addition of an island, vanities are becoming popular again. Vanities are being built into bathrooms but can also be purchased as a standalone piece. For your living area, according to House Beautiful, oversized furniture is making way for specific pieces that fit to optimize space.


New lighting will only enhance the updated parts of your home. LED is the energy saving light that is lighting up our homes with a truer light. Fixtures that use LED are replacing our older fixtures.

Other details are sinks. The apron front sink for the kitchen is the look according to HGTV. In the bathroom, raised sinks are an updated feature vs. the flush sinks. Another change is the finish for kitchen and bathroom fixtures. If you want to give your home the latest update, gold is the way to go. This isn’t the brass of the 70’s, but instead a brighter look.

Whether it is bulky carpet and furniture or old cabinets and lighting, Bin There Dump That has the perfect size container for you to dispose of the old and bring in the new!

Friday, 3 February 2017

Time For A Remodel?

Remodeling. Whether it is updating styles, improving function, or expanding space, smart remodeling increases the value of our largest investment...our home.

From small updates to large re-dos, Bin There Dump That OKC is here to help you or your contractor with remodel disposal. 
Here are some great tips to keep in mind when considering that remodeling project. 


Across the board, experts in the real estate and mortgage lending fields agree, improvements made on the outside of your home are the best investment. In fact, according to a cost vs. value report in Remodeling magazine, a metal front door replacement yields over 90% return on investment. 

Other exterior changes not only make the home more attractive, but will reduce energy costs. These include siding, windows and guttering. Along with those, the National Association of Realtors says an updated garage door not only changes the look of the home but is also a smart choice, yielding over 90% return.  The exterior changes will help with utility bills while living in your home and then attract buyers when it’s time to sell. 


Kitchens and bathrooms date quicker than other parts of our homes. The hub of a home is the kitchen and buyers consider this in their decision. The smart way to update these areas is to set a budget that is a percentage of the home’s worth. Money magazine says a good guideline is 10 to 15% for kitchens and 10% for master bathrooms with other bathrooms at 5% budget. The key to keeping within budget is changing surface features, such as countertops and cabinets.


Sometimes more space is needed and can be accomplished with a transformed attic space. Ranked #3 in the cost vs. value report, attics can be changed into a bedroom, with a smaller cost than other jobs and a nice return when reselling.

Remodeling projects such as these can be rewarding and also made less stressful when there is easy cleanup. Materials such as old guttering, siding, insulation and cabinets are easily disposed of with Bin There Dump That OKC.

Our bins are delivered to your home and carefully placed on your property for ease in disposal. They range in size with 4, 6, 10, 14 and 20 yard containers, assuring the perfect fit for all remodeling jobs, big and small. Give us a call at 405-640-4345 today so we can help you with your remodeling. 

Monday, 2 January 2017

Room By Room Clean Out Guide by Bin There Dump That

Christmas has come and gone and a new year is here! More often than not, at the end of the year, we wind up with more stuff. Now is the ideal time to clear space. Bin There Dump That is here to help you with a room by room clean out.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

Some of the most popular gifts given are the least popular in garage sales. According to, the wonderful bath products you received in your stocking are the least likely to resell. Clearing out space in your bathroom for the new products is easy by tossing expired ones.

Reader’s Digest says the same goes in the kitchen. Those non-stick pots and pans are warned against in buying secondhand because of the coating. It’s safer to discard of these to create space for the new cookware.

Bedrooms and Closets

It is found that parents spend the most on their kids at Christmas, so it’s time to clear out the broken and heavily used toys in their bedrooms.

Also, the Huffington Post reported the average American throws out 65 lbs. of clothing each year. This is mainly due to ripped clothing, undergarments and worn out shoes not reselling well. One of your biggest space makers can be your closet when you go through your clothing.

And don’t forget the linen closet! It’s a great time to get rid of old towels and bedding.

Garage and Attic

Storage space can fill up fast. Before stowing away the holiday decorations, go through all and dispose of items no longer working, like lighting strands. Have a deer that used to light up but can’t fit in your trash? Add that too!

Other items that are mentioned not to buy at garage sales, are certain items for infants. The car seat that you have stored in your attic or garage could be considered unsafe by today’s standards and you would do best by disposing of with Bin There Dump That.

Let the specialists in bulky items and difficult disposal help you begin the year with a productive room by room clean out. Bin There Dump That thanks you for your business and wishes everyone a wonderful 2017!

Be sure to come check us out at the Oklahoma City Home & Garden Show at the Fairgrounds January 20-22nd!