Friday, 8 June 2018

To Haul Or Not To Haul....That Is The Question

You have a remodel project or you’re wanting to clean up your home inside and out. The job is too large for your trash cans. What to do next, rent a roll off dumpster or haul the materials yourself to the local landfill? Consider the following when deciding which would be best for your project. To haul or not to haul...that is the question! 


Taking care of your project by collecting the debris and piling onto a trailer or into a truck bed might be an option for you, but some landfills do not allow all materials you might want to get rid of. Before opting for hauling it yourself, make sure your local dump accepts all materials you want to include. Some items a city landfill might not take are shingles, dirt, rock, brick, and appliances. This could result in you hauling different materials to different locations for proper disposal. Bin There Dump That accepts ALL of these materials, making it easier for you. 


It is important to determine the cost of hauling vs a roll off dumpster rental when deciding which route to go with your project. 

The dump that you decide to use for disposal of materials may charge an amount per pound of weight or it may charge a fee up to a certain weight, then money for each pound of debris over that amount. Another method used is charging by each load. The exact charge of your disposal fee will not be known until you are at the landfill and they weigh the load. 

Bin There Dump That will include the dump fee with your rental, making costs known upfront. This assists budget planning for any project. 


Besides multiple loads of debris adding up with disposal fees, fuel will also be used. Along with the costs, is the time spent. One 10 yd dumpster rental could equal up to 4 pickup loads, saving you multiple trips to the landfill. And if the closest dump isn’t actually close, the cost of transporting it yourself will be much more than with a roll off dumpster. 
The convenience of a roll off dumpster also includes no interruption of the project due to having to haul off and empty truck or trailer before starting again. 

Depending on your project size, and transportation options available, a roll off dumpster can be the smartest decision with cost and convenience. Call us today to price your project!

Sunday, 6 May 2018

The BEST Tips For Easy Dumpster Rental

There are many reasons to rent a roll-off dumpster from small cleanups and remodels, to new construction. Whether there is a need because of moving or just to dispose of unused items, a dumpster makes each project go more smoothly. These are the tips for making the rental go smoothly as well.

 Research Company Reviews
Dumpster rental companies, like most businesses, are rated and reviewed on many online sites. These reviews can be found during Google searches, on trusted service sharing sites such as Angie’s List, and even on social media sites like Facebook.

First, go beyond the rating and read the reviews. It’s important to see what customers shared about the experience. Next, visit other review sites to make sure there is consistency. Does the Google rating mirror the Facebook rating? 

If you don’t have friends or family with recommendations, online reviews can be a terrific resource for information and peace of mind! 

Ask What The Price Includes

No one appreciates unwelcome surprises. The goal is to make your project easy! When ordering, ask if delivery, pick up, and taxes are included. What is the dump fee? Is it included in the rate or is it extra? How many days are included? Knowing what you have as contents will also help to determine an upfront rate with no surprises later. 
Know What Is Allowed

By discussing your dumpster needs with the company, you will learn what is allowed and what isn’t allowed to dump. Of course, hazardous materials are not allowed. But ask if you have any concerns about what you want to dispose. You might be surprised what IS allowed, like e-waste! 

Dumpsters are the convenient way to get rid of unwanted junk, building materials, etc. The dumpsters are taken to city dumps and must be transported safely as to not hurt any other motorists. It is important to discuss this process with the company, avoiding any unsafe overfills. 

Plan Dumpster Location

 And there is nothing easier than keeping on schedule by arriving to a bin at your home or job site, all ready to go! Plan this easily with knowing the perfect spot for your dumpster. Will you need it by the garage or even more specifically, a particular side of the driveway? Are there gate codes to your neighborhood or is there a carport? Mentioning these during your ordering will help the delivery expert in placing your bin perfectly.

Friday, 6 April 2018

4 Times A Dumpster Is A Great Idea For A Neighborhood

Many subdivisions hold neighborhood-wide events. These events range from entertainment to beautification. Homeowners come together as neighbors or with a neighborhood association to fully appreciate their community. Each of these events benefit from the use of dumpsters.

Neighborhood Garage Sales

More and more subdivisions are holding neighborhood garage sales. These have turned into helpful ‘once or twice a year’ cleanouts for homeowners. Of course the goal is to get rid of the items that are difficult to dispose of without compensation, but there is ALWAYS something left over that didn’t sell. A roll-off dumpster placed in a common area is a perfect way for homeowners to toss those leftovers quickly.

Common Areas

Care for a subdivision’s common areas is the responsibility of homeowners once the developer leaves. This is often organized by a neighborhood or homeowner’s association. The common areas include entrance, greenbelts, walkways, and sometimes parks and ponds. Flowers, trees, grass, and fencing are just some of the things that require upkeep. Your neighborhood might ask for volunteers to plant annual flowers or do tree trimming to keep dues low for all. This annual or semi annual occasion will be completed faster with a rental dumpster for debris. For more ease, several smaller bins in different locations will be convenient for larger neighborhoods with several common areas.

Big Trash Day

Many of our Oklahoma cities offer Big Trash Pick Up once a year. However, there are towns that do not include this service. Neighborhood associations could take this opportunity of sharing the cost of a dumpster when big trash collection isn’t an option. This is something that could be scheduled alongside the common area maintenance, making the most use of the dumpsters.


Neighborhood events aren’t always upkeep. Celebrations, such as holidays or the change of season, bring about reasons to gather around the park or pond with other homeowners and families. Egg hunts, picnics, and firework shows are just a few events that bring neighbors together. These type of events produce a large amount of debris that is too much for a few homeowners’ trash cans. Having a small bin for disposing trash keeps unwanted litter from blowing around. Also the dumpster can be picked up quickly to avoid unwanted pests.

All of these neighborhood events can be fun and stress-free when you leave the trash to us!

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Home Spring Makeover

Spring is almost here and it is the time for extensive cleaning or clearing out. This also can be a time to give the home a makeover. From different colors to lighter materials, the home can reflect the new season. And this year is bringing trends that can be easily added to existing design without a complete overhaul and without breaking the bank.

Color and Pattern

Neutrals have been popular for quite some time. But this year will see the embracing of warmer and bolder hues. Some describe a jewel palette, while others say these colors can be straight from the garden. In the 1960s and 1970s, yellow and green were on trend from wallpaper to appliances. These two are making a comeback with brighter versions., purple, and blue are encouraged. Along with the bold color, bold patterns are showing up this year. Mainly…strong, geometrical shapes.

To update your homes look for Spring while welcoming 2018 trends, consider changing out bedding and opting for brighter choices, adding some pillows with strong patterns. Older window treatments can be switched out for less heavy versions, along with changing shower curtains. And toss the old throw pillows throughout the home and add the new Spring look. And dont forget the throw rugs and towels. Updating these small items are budget friendly while giving a different look. 

Fixtures and Hardware

Metallic accents are big this year. Hardware may have gone away from chrome, but rose gold, gold, and copper are replacing it. Besides hardware of cabinets and plumbing, metallic accents can be added with knick knacks, mirrors, or fixtures. 

Also, lighting fixtures are becoming their own focus. Vintage look and artisan lighting will be center stage. As much as favorite wall art, the lighting fixture can be a statement piece in the room. The only limit is imagination.


What better way to enjoy Spring by updating the outside living space? New, bright cushions on outdoor furniture help with a quick spring makeover. If you arent ready to go with bold color inside the home, outdoors is the place to have fun with this trend. 

And indoor furniture is making a BIG change with lines. Curves are replacing the traditional square, rectangle, or straight line. Its time for asymmetry and a mixture of different eras. 

A Spring makeover added to Spring cleaning can update the home with a new look! 

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Junk and Debris Removal for Rental Property

Property managers and landlords regularly encounter debris from rental properties. Whether it is routine maintenance, tenant change, or large cleanouts, the quickest method to miss as few leased days as possible, is using a roll-off dumpster for junk and debris removal.

Tenant Change

Depending on the tenant’s treatment of the property, a short-term lease can be turned quickly for the next tenant. Some tenants do stay longer however, perhaps renewing their lease several times. Once these tenants move, a heavier cleaning will be needed and carpet replaced. When flooring is tiled, broken sections can replaced easily, but if the style is discontinued, the whole area will need

This will also be the time when repairs are made so the next tenant can move in, such as broken fence pickets, holes in walls, broken doors, cabinets or drawers. And there will be situations where the tenant did not inform the owner of issues, such as a leak. The result could be a repair as bad as mold and at the least, damaged dry wall. 


Indoor and outdoor maintenance is required for all property. A dumpster will help property managers and landlords with quick cleanup. For example, a bin can be utilized for inside maintenance, such as air filter replacement or indoor painting. 

Outside maintenance lists could consist of gutter and downspout clearing. Old siding or damaged trim can be replaced, along with torn window screens. Other outdoor maintenance is checking the roof shingles. This can be done by a professional, but the few squares replaced, can also be included in dumpster to maximize the use. Also, yard cleanup with tree and shrub trimming, clearing away from the home and electrical lines, is usually an annual job. 

Total Cleanouts

The more frustrating situations for property managers and landlords are total cleanouts. There are situations when renters leave unexpectedly or abruptly, leaving behind a large amount of trash and junk. The items could range from food to clothes, to broken furniture or appliances, all unwanted by the tenant and left for the property owner to remove. 

There are also unfortunate events such as flooding, storms, and even fire, that could create a total cleanout, including the tenant’s damaged property. 

Whether expected or unexpected cleanup, the rental of a roll-off dumpster will quickly remove junk and debris from rental properties, freeing them up to be leased again. Roll-offdumpsters are the smart choice for property managers and landlords! 

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Indoor Projects For When It's Cold Outside

The holidays are over but the cold weather is still here. Now is a great time to tackle some indoor projects! Try these 4 indoor projects when it’s cold outside.

Bathroom Transformation

As the smaller rooms of a home, storage can be a problem in a bathroom. Adding shelves, wall, or standalone cabinets can remedy this with fairly simple installation.

And home spas are all the rage right now. Switching out old tubs for soaking or jetted tubs may not be a DIY project, but well worth the investment! If your space doesn’t allow for a bathtub, try changing out your shower head with a specialty one. 

The Heart Of The Home

The kitchen becomes outdated faster than any other room of a home. This happens because trends change quickly affecting the whole room, from appliances to cabinets and counters. It may be one of the more costly remodels, but an updated kitchen is still the best return on investment with resale. 

There are things you can do to help with the cost however. Consider buying your appliances in a package from the same store. The store may work with you if you purchase it all in one place. 

Another option is painting the cabinets instead of replacing. A professional can do this at a fraction of the cost of new cabinets. 

Out With The Old...

Carpet has a very limited lifetime due to everyday wear. A project many homeowners are tackling themselves, is replacing carpet with other materials, such as wood or even tile that looks like wood. There are even laminates that help with the budget. Whether you want to eliminate carpet everywhere, or even in certain high traffic areas, the options for flooring are so extensive now, this could be the most fun of projects! 

Improve Energy Efficiency 

Working in the attic may not be the warner choice, but it’s the perfect reminder about energy efficiency. Such barriers as attic insulation can improve the heating and cooling of a home. Just like with other areas of the home, products such as insulation have improved over the years. Clearing out the old insulation and replacing with a better product, will help with comfort and also with utility costs. 

If you do these projects yourself or have a professional’s help, reserve one of our bins to help with cleanup. We are here to help with your home year round! 

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Be DIY Experts By Avoiding These 4 Mistakes

Many projects around the home can be DIY, especially if you're 'hands on' and have the time to devote. Projects could include replacing carpet with wood flooring, organizing a garage with storage, or even remodeling a bathroom. No matter what size or type of job, DIY will go much smoother by avoiding these common mistakes.

No Preparation

Deciding on a goal is just the beginning of a DIY project. Preparing for the project is the next step! Just 'jumping in' could propose delays and extra costs, so a little preparation will go a long way. From lists to scheduling, planning must be done. For example...will there be a need for a hotel while paint dries? What will you do with the construction debris such as old carpet or cabinets? A Bin There Dump That Dumpster can be set to easily discard of these materials and keep the home functional by clearing out debris during this time. 

Not Taking Accurate Measurements

Measurements are very important with home remodeling and organization jobs. Whether it's shelving in your garage or new appliances in the kitchen, or even cans of paint, accurate measurements are critical. The most important thing to remember is to measure a few times to ensure correct figures. These numbers help to avoid not having enough materials or having too much. For instance, extra tile may be needed in case of loss due to broken tiles. Also, knowing the dimensions of a roll of carpet vs the dimensions of a room can aid in purchasing. Helpful tutorials are online to assist in DIY projects, including what and how to measure. 

Forgetting Safety

As mentioned, leaving the home while paint dries is necessary, mainly because of safety concerns. There are other areas of safety to consider that are sometimes forgotten. Masks are beneficial with any fumes, so is an area that is well ventilated. Besides masks, protective eyewear will almost always be needed. Another safety issue is electricity. The power should be turned off when appliances and lighting are being changed. General safety such as being mindful of cords, clearing out debris, should not be skipped. 

Setting An Unrealistic Budget

Measuring carefully and planning ahead will help the bottom line of any home organizing or updating. But there may be unplanned costs, however. No one can predict the total cost perfectly, so giving yourself some cushion will help with expectations. Most importantly, cutting corners with cheap materials could become very expensive later. Do your research with reviews and think of every home project as a long term investment.