Thursday, 1 February 2018

Junk and Debris Removal for Rental Property

Property managers and landlords regularly encounter debris from rental properties. Whether it is routine maintenance, tenant change, or large cleanouts, the quickest method to miss as few leased days as possible, is using a roll-off dumpster for junk and debris removal.

Tenant Change

Depending on the tenant’s treatment of the property, a short-term lease can be turned quickly for the next tenant. Some tenants do stay longer however, perhaps renewing their lease several times. Once these tenants move, a heavier cleaning will be needed and carpet replaced. When flooring is tiled, broken sections can replaced easily, but if the style is discontinued, the whole area will need

This will also be the time when repairs are made so the next tenant can move in, such as broken fence pickets, holes in walls, broken doors, cabinets or drawers. And there will be situations where the tenant did not inform the owner of issues, such as a leak. The result could be a repair as bad as mold and at the least, damaged dry wall. 


Indoor and outdoor maintenance is required for all property. A dumpster will help property managers and landlords with quick cleanup. For example, a bin can be utilized for inside maintenance, such as air filter replacement or indoor painting. 

Outside maintenance lists could consist of gutter and downspout clearing. Old siding or damaged trim can be replaced, along with torn window screens. Other outdoor maintenance is checking the roof shingles. This can be done by a professional, but the few squares replaced, can also be included in dumpster to maximize the use. Also, yard cleanup with tree and shrub trimming, clearing away from the home and electrical lines, is usually an annual job. 

Total Cleanouts

The more frustrating situations for property managers and landlords are total cleanouts. There are situations when renters leave unexpectedly or abruptly, leaving behind a large amount of trash and junk. The items could range from food to clothes, to broken furniture or appliances, all unwanted by the tenant and left for the property owner to remove. 

There are also unfortunate events such as flooding, storms, and even fire, that could create a total cleanout, including the tenant’s damaged property. 

Whether expected or unexpected cleanup, the rental of a roll-off dumpster will quickly remove junk and debris from rental properties, freeing them up to be leased again. Roll-offdumpsters are the smart choice for property managers and landlords! 

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Indoor Projects For When It's Cold Outside

The holidays are over but the cold weather is still here. Now is a great time to tackle some indoor projects! Try these 4 indoor projects when it’s cold outside.

Bathroom Transformation

As the smaller rooms of a home, storage can be a problem in a bathroom. Adding shelves, wall, or standalone cabinets can remedy this with fairly simple installation.

And home spas are all the rage right now. Switching out old tubs for soaking or jetted tubs may not be a DIY project, but well worth the investment! If your space doesn’t allow for a bathtub, try changing out your shower head with a specialty one. 

The Heart Of The Home

The kitchen becomes outdated faster than any other room of a home. This happens because trends change quickly affecting the whole room, from appliances to cabinets and counters. It may be one of the more costly remodels, but an updated kitchen is still the best return on investment with resale. 

There are things you can do to help with the cost however. Consider buying your appliances in a package from the same store. The store may work with you if you purchase it all in one place. 

Another option is painting the cabinets instead of replacing. A professional can do this at a fraction of the cost of new cabinets. 

Out With The Old...

Carpet has a very limited lifetime due to everyday wear. A project many homeowners are tackling themselves, is replacing carpet with other materials, such as wood or even tile that looks like wood. There are even laminates that help with the budget. Whether you want to eliminate carpet everywhere, or even in certain high traffic areas, the options for flooring are so extensive now, this could be the most fun of projects! 

Improve Energy Efficiency 

Working in the attic may not be the warner choice, but it’s the perfect reminder about energy efficiency. Such barriers as attic insulation can improve the heating and cooling of a home. Just like with other areas of the home, products such as insulation have improved over the years. Clearing out the old insulation and replacing with a better product, will help with comfort and also with utility costs. 

If you do these projects yourself or have a professional’s help, reserve one of our bins to help with cleanup. We are here to help with your home year round! 

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Be DIY Experts By Avoiding These 4 Mistakes

Many projects around the home can be DIY, especially if you're 'hands on' and have the time to devote. Projects could include replacing carpet with wood flooring, organizing a garage with storage, or even remodeling a bathroom. No matter what size or type of job, DIY will go much smoother by avoiding these common mistakes.

No Preparation

Deciding on a goal is just the beginning of a DIY project. Preparing for the project is the next step! Just 'jumping in' could propose delays and extra costs, so a little preparation will go a long way. From lists to scheduling, planning must be done. For example...will there be a need for a hotel while paint dries? What will you do with the construction debris such as old carpet or cabinets? A Bin There Dump That Dumpster can be set to easily discard of these materials and keep the home functional by clearing out debris during this time. 

Not Taking Accurate Measurements

Measurements are very important with home remodeling and organization jobs. Whether it's shelving in your garage or new appliances in the kitchen, or even cans of paint, accurate measurements are critical. The most important thing to remember is to measure a few times to ensure correct figures. These numbers help to avoid not having enough materials or having too much. For instance, extra tile may be needed in case of loss due to broken tiles. Also, knowing the dimensions of a roll of carpet vs the dimensions of a room can aid in purchasing. Helpful tutorials are online to assist in DIY projects, including what and how to measure. 

Forgetting Safety

As mentioned, leaving the home while paint dries is necessary, mainly because of safety concerns. There are other areas of safety to consider that are sometimes forgotten. Masks are beneficial with any fumes, so is an area that is well ventilated. Besides masks, protective eyewear will almost always be needed. Another safety issue is electricity. The power should be turned off when appliances and lighting are being changed. General safety such as being mindful of cords, clearing out debris, should not be skipped. 

Setting An Unrealistic Budget

Measuring carefully and planning ahead will help the bottom line of any home organizing or updating. But there may be unplanned costs, however. No one can predict the total cost perfectly, so giving yourself some cushion will help with expectations. Most importantly, cutting corners with cheap materials could become very expensive later. Do your research with reviews and think of every home project as a long term investment. 

Friday, 3 November 2017

When The Trash Can Can't Do The Job

Trash carts can fill up fast with certain jobs. Even if there are multiple carts, some projects cannot be disposed of quickly enough with weekly trash service. Sometimes these are jobs that may arise every couple of years, such as a cleanout. Other jobs are seasonal, such as yard debris. Bin There Dump That is the solution for fast disposal of all projects, helping jobs go smoothly with one quick phone call.

Yard Cleanup

Seasonal yardwork can be a hassle when there is nowhere to dispose of the debris. Waste companies usually take only what can fit into the carts, leaving extra bags for later disposal. And some debris is too large or is an awkward shape, unable to fit in the cart. Tree branches are a good example. Seasonal maintenance of shrubs, grass, and gutters come with home ownership. But, besides cleanup of these, broken patio furniture can be added to a bin or even a non-working bbq grill. These items make the job too large for trash carts, but perfect for a 6 or 10 yd. bin. 

Remodeling And Renovation

The most popular rooms to get a new look in the home are the bathrooms and kitchen. From flooring to countertops and cabinets, updating these rooms can easily be done by the do-it-yourselfer or contractors with a bin to collect the old and clear it out for the new. One room is a small job, but it's too big for trash carts. 

And when renovation is needed, brick, concrete, siding, and drywall, all can be tossed in a bin. Projects such as these can easily be scheduled around the demolition phase and quickly removed. 

Moving And Cleanouts

Moving can happen often because of career or be just a few times because of growth or downsizing. The disposal of moving boxes cannot be done with trash carts. The 4 yd. and 6 yd. bins are the best option to have boxes taken away, creating an easier move. 

Cleanouts are more often, however, happening for many different reasons. Garages, for instance, tend to become the catch-all for unused items and consequently, are the most popular areas to clean out. A garage cleanout can usually be accomplished with a 10 yd. bin. Sometimes though, a whole home may need a cleanout. When a whole home needs cleaning out, the 14 yd. and 20 yd. bins are best suited for the job. These bins will even accommodate bulkier items such as appliances and furniture. 

Monday, 2 October 2017

Fall Fun in OKC

Fall is officially here! And with any change of season comes holidays and activities. The OKC metro has so many wonderful opportunities to take in Autumn and enjoy the holidays. From picking out the perfect pumpkin, to festivals and trick-or-treating, we’ve got a wonderful guide to Fall Fun in OKC.

Pumpkin Fun

The Orr Family Farm located at 14400 S. Western Ave. is perfect for the family. Fall festivities include a pumpkin patch, hayrides, games, and a corn maze. Children even receive a free sugar pie pumpkin. Admission ranges from $10.50 to $34.50 and don’t forget to stay for the fireworks on Fridays and Saturdays.

Another pumpkin patch that is located further North is Chester’s at 5201 Cimarron Rd. in Piedmont. There are pumpkins to purchase for your home displays, places to take a family photo, or challenge yourself with their corn maze. Chester’s also has giant slides and pony rides. Admission ranges from free to $10.

Starting October 6th and running through October 22nd, more photo opportunities are at Pumpkinville. The beautifully decorated display at the Myriad Botanical Gardens will have over 16,000 pumpkins in this year’s attraction and it’s a sight to be seen. While Pumpkinville may not be a pumpkin patch, you can paint your own pumpkin for just $5 and there are daily activities.

Festival Fun

Fall in OKC is also the time for fun festivals celebrating traditions with the German and Czech cultures.
Oktoberfest is October 6th and 7th. The festival will be held at the OKC Farmers Public Market, 311 S. Klein Ave. Lively music for dancing, food trucks, and a large selection of American craft and Bavarian imported beers, make for a popular event.

Another celebration is the Czech festival in Yukon on October 7th. Get there early to grab a spot for the annual parade along Main Street. Then enjoy the traditional fare of sausages and kolaches in the Czech Building while being entertained by folk dancers and the best polka music in the state.

Costume Fun

Halloween for the entire family can be found at the OKC Zoo. Everyone can dress up and enjoy Haunt the Zoo October 26-31. Collect treats from themed booths as you wind through a festive zoo of jack-o-lanterns, props, and characters.
And speaking of animals, don’t forget about the family pooch! Registration has begun for the Pooch Parade Oct. 22nd at the Myriad Botanical Gardens 2-3pm. Friendly dogs that love to dress up are welcome to participate. There will even be prizes for the Best and Most Creatively Dressed!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Fall Cleaning Made Easy!

Heavy cleaning isn’t just for the Spring anymore! Fall presents the perfect time to do a deep cleaning and decluttering before those holiday months. Perhaps your home is the spot for Thanksgiving this year. Maybe you want to host football watch parties for your favorite team. Don’t stress. Fall cleaning can be made easy with these steps!

Get Help

First things first. No matter if you are doing it yourself, hiring professionals, or enlisting the family, Bin There Dump That is the perfect partner to help. Call us to order your bin. Your rental includes 10 days of having the bin, making working around your schedule very convenient.

When you call, let us know about your project. The size of bin you use will depend on the size of your project and items. Do you have large items that need to be disposed of, such as furniture or workout equipment? Our 14 yard and 20 yard bins will accommodate. Maybe you just need to clear out those closets, or get rid of that old TV that no longer works. Bin There DumpThat has a bin to work with every job.

Schedule A Room A Day

Having 10 days with your bin will give you the opportunity to work on a room each day, when you have the time, or perhaps 2 full weekends. Make a game plan! Start with the main part of the home that sees the most activity, such as the kitchen, dining room and living area. These are usually a breeze as we tend to store items away from these areas. Next, move on to the bedrooms. This is the time to clear out closets and underneath the beds.   

Take Advantage Of The Cooler Weather

And don’t forget to tackle those easily forgotten spaces like the garage and attic. Cooler temperatures make this job easier! Have you ever looked at a box in your attic and wondered what was in it because it had been so long since it was stored? Have your children gone off to college but you discovered you have their old toys taking up space? Are the unsold items from the garage sale 5 years ago in the garage because you wanted to keep for the next garage sale? Fall is the best time to take on these areas of the home!

Bin There Dump That can make your Fall cleaning easy and make more space for you and yours to enjoy! 

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Is It Time To Throw It Out? 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

The accumulation of items in a home can build over the years. When you're ready to do a clean out of your home, these 5 questions will help you decide if it's time to get rid of an item.

Are You Paying To Store It? 

To create more space, we sometimes choose to organize our homes by storing unused items. Now is the time to evaluate if the rental for storing these items in a location is cost effective. Storage rental vs. current value of an item can help you determine if it's time to throw it out. 

Is It Usable?

On occasion, we put stuff aside that might be broken, for later repair. Often, too much time has passed that even the part is no longer available to do the repair. But a good guideline to go by with broken items is if you have done without it for a year, you're less likely to miss it when thrown away. 

Have You Bought Another One? 

How many times have we gone to the grocery store and bought eggs only to notice we already had eggs? The same can happen with household items. Also, with technology moving so fast, that TV or computer needs updating more than we like. This is the perfect time to eliminate any extras you might have, making for a simple clear out. 

What Condition Is It In?

Even if it's not broken, condition can be a factor in determining worth. Has it lost all value to where you can't even resell? Maybe the condition of the item is even dangerous. Does it have a loose or damaged cord? It might still work, but it's safer to rid all items that may be unsafe. 

Do You Remember Why You Have It? 

It happens, we come across something stowed away in a garage, closet, attic, or even a drawer and not know what it does or why we even have it. If it has been out of sight and you don't know its purpose, when you come across it while clearing out stuff, it should go. 

Once you have gone through your home with these questions, Bin There Dump That has the perfect bin size for every size of clean out. Our smaller bins assist with jobs of odds and ends. There are also 14 yd and 20 yd bins that will accommodate bulkier items such as appliances and furniture. Just give us a call to help you determine the perfect bin for your project.