Monday, 3 June 2019

Roll-Off Dumpsters Are Perfect For Busy People

Who isnt busy nowadays? Days are filled with work, family, errands, and activities. So, when a project, such as remodeling comes up, the best plan is to order a roll-off dumpster. Do you need to clear out old household items from the attic and garage or clean up some tree limbs in your yard? All of these projects can seem overwhelming with our busy lifestyles. You will need a dumpster for cleanup and we have made it easy for the busiest of people. Heres how we make it simple for you...

Rental Length

Our rental periods include 10 days! Bin There Dump That went beyond the industry standard of 7 days and included a few more. Why? Because we know projects may take longer than expected! From busy schedules to bad weather, we wanted to include 10 days to finish up your project. This can include 2 weekends, to assist the busiest of schedules, for those who have to tackle the task on those days. 

And no worries, if you need more than the 10 days, just simply extend the rental with our friendly daily rate! 

Multiple Loads In One Bin

Some remodeling debris and junk cleanup can be discarded in residential trash carts. However, it will take several weeks to dispose of everything. When you have a full schedule, prolonging a cleanup or renovation, is not ideal. Our bins can accommodate much more than several residential trash carts at one time. The bins are also perfect for those larger items that will not fit into your weekly trash cart. And if you know it will take several loads in your pickup or trailer, our roll-off dumpster can save you time by coming to you! 

Expert Consultation 

Your time matters to us from the very start of the process, thats why we have made it simple to order a bin. Everyone at Bin There Dump That is here to help you with a consultation so you will have the perfect size dumpster to finish your project quickly. We will have a few questions and then will help you decide on one of the 5 different sizes we offer. Because of our experience, this consultation will take just a few minutes so you will get your job started quicker! 

Business Hours

And to help with your busy schedules even more, we are open for business 6 days a week! Also, not everyone has an opportunity to rent one of our bins during 8am-5pm, so we stay open until 6, Monday through Friday, to help you after your work day. 

We understand busy schedules! Give us a call at 405-640-4345 for your next project and we will save you time!

Friday, 24 May 2019

Maximize Profit On Your House Flip

3 Ways To Maximize Profit On Your House Flip

Oklahoma has proven to be a great market for flipping homes. Bin There Dump That assists investors every day with roll-off dumpsters, helping the process go smoothly and quickly for the best return. If you have ever considered this real estate venture, these tips will help with the success of the project. 

Choosing The Property

Of course the goal with flipping a property is to make a nice profit. After establishing financing, finding a property with the best potential is the most important step. So many factors go into this decision. Of those, location is at the top of the list. Is the property in a safe area or neighborhood? Is it located within a good school district? Many buyers insist on both of these. Another factor in the best profit is the neighborhood or area being popular in revitalization? Are people moving BACK to that area? Current popular areas experiencing revitalization is Gatewood, Midtown OKC, Mesta Park, Nichols Hills, and the Plaza District.

There are other things, besides location, to consider when choosing a property. The most successful flips yield the most profit. The ideal property has minimum repairs to be done. Structural damage, rewiring, and plumbing are the costliest repairs. A hone with just the need for cosmetic updating is not only the quickest to flip, but generally, the least expensive with out-of-pocket. 

Hiring A Contractor

Having experience in remodeling can be a money saver if you want to go the DIY route. There is also a benefit to hiring a contractor. A contractor cannot only free up your time but the perfect candidate will have many trusted subcontractors to do the work. A good contractor can also save you money with the rates they have established with their subcontractors. 

If it is your first time to hire a contractor, the points to remember are to ask friends and family for recommendations. Also, It is important that a candidate meets you in person and provides references with details on prior work done. They should not be late, or reschedule the appointment several times, because their skill is time management. Be sure to check out sites such as the Better Business Bureau or Central Oklahoma Home Builder's Association to confirm your contractor is local and properly licensed. 

Smart Repairs And Renovation

Knowing what repairs cost and what improvements will help on selling price is preparation that is invaluable for flipping a home. This is especially important before you make an offer on a property and if you plan on doing the repair work yourself. 

A good rule of thumb is to estimate an extra 20% to the cost of repairs, allowing room for unexpected delays or problems. While the bigger repairs such as mold, structural issues, and rewiring should be avoided, some repairs will need to be done in almost every flip. 

In addition to repairs, the updating of a house is the best plan for a quick resell. Improvements such as flooring, lighting, paint, and fixtures can transform a property. The kitchen and bathroom styles change quickly, so updating is a must for potential buyers. Save money by refinishing good cabinets and saving working appliances. 

Monday, 1 April 2019

Is Your Home Storm Season Ready?

Springtime in Oklahoma can be some of the most stressful times for homeowners because of our weather. With the change of season comes high winds, lots of rain, and thunderstorms with lightning and hail. Preparing and protecting homes prevents costly damage from springtime storms.


The first point of protection for homes is the roof. When a home is not protected by reliable roof material such as shingles, tile, or metal, the wood and other building materials will suffer water damage during Spring weather. A roof leak can go beyond just cosmetic fixes and affect electrical systems. Any electrical compromise is dangerous with the possibility of fire.

It is a good idea to schedule a roof inspection at this time of year. This is the safest plan to evaluate the condition of the roof, with professionals on top of the roof instead of yourself. Even with newer roofs, a professional can look over the roof properly, to make sure there is no prior storm damage. At the very least though, a good look at your roof can be done by you, while outside. If possible, take a look during a windy day to notice any loose shingles. Also, look for any uneven places on the roof.

After a storm, do an inspection on the inside of the ceilings for discoloration or sagging. And during a storm, take a tour of the attic to make sure there are no leaks.

If you find that you have roof damage and would like to have it inspected, be sure to only use a reputable, local, licensed roofing company. It is an Oklahoma law that all roofers are licensed in our state. 


More protection for your roof and the rest of the home is trimming trees in the yard. High winds can easily propel branches and limbs into a home. Lightning is also very dangerous with trees branches that may be close to the roof line. Trimming these trees will be helpful by clearing safely away from roofs and preventing fire.

Also, the rain can cause other issues in the yard. Inadequate draining and erosion can be not only a mess, but lead to costly damage.


For further protection against storms, now is the time to clear out storage areas. Storage areas such as garages, attics, barns and sheds are the go-to places for property that can easily be pulled in before a storm, protecting it from damage. Assess these areas and make sure there is plenty of space cleared out for these items. Such items that can be pulled in to storage before damaging hail and wind are cars, patio furniture, pool accessories, toys, and even grills. Utilize your protection space by clearing out unwanted junk and leaving room for these items when needed for storms.

You might find renting a dumpster can help you get your home storm ready.  If your garage or storage shed is too full of unused or unwanted item that you can not get your car in it might be time to consider decluttering. Renting a dumpster now can save you a headache and sense of panic when the storm does arrive. 

Monday, 4 March 2019

Multiple Projects PLUS One Dumpster Equals EASY Spring Cleaning

It seems as if Winter weather has been around too long, but Spring is on its way! That means Spring cleanup. Renting a roll-off dumpster will help you knock out multiple Spring cleaning projects all at once! It’s time to reserve a bin and tackle all your Spring cleaning in and outside the home. 

Inside The Home

Start Spring cleaning with the inside of the home. The groundhog predicted an early Spring, but we Oklahomans know there will be some cooler days for a few more weeks. This is the perfect time to work on the inside, progressing your way outside by the time warmer days are here. 

First, to make Spring cleaning easier, decluttering is necessary. Eliminating the clutter of unwanted and unused items not only gives the home a fresh look, it makes it easier to deep clean such things as light fixtures, ceiling fans, lamps, flooring, and inside cabinets. Go room by room and gather up items from closets, inside cabinets, and put them in the garage. 

On The Outside

Next, it’s time to clean up Fall and Winter from outside and get the house and yard ready for Spring. Just like inside the home, clearing out the unwanted stuff, will make it easier to prepare for Spring. This can be done by clearing out the gutters, raking up leaves, clearing out old mulch, trimming trees and bushes. 

After piling the unwanted yard debris, it is time to order your roll-off dumpster and proceed to the last project. 

Garage And Attic

The final project is tackling that garage and attic. Both areas accumulate ‘stuff’ more than other areas of the home. This is easily done because a lot of the items you may need to throw away are too large to dispose of with regular trash pickup. 

Start with pulling out all stuff from the garage floor and placing items to keep on the other side of the dumpster, while placing unwanted items, including the pile from inside, into the dumpster. Next, empty any trash or junk from the attic and add to the bin. The items you are keeping in the garage can now be returned to the garage. And finally, add the yard debris to the dumpster. 

With bins that take up a small area and rental periods that include 10 days, your multiple Spring projects can be combined and easily cleared away. We even sweep up when we pick up the bin! That’s the ultimate Spring cleaning. Let us know when you want to book your bin! 

Monday, 18 February 2019

Saving Money On Your Dumpster Rental

You have already decided to save money by renting a roll-off dumpster instead of taking debris to the city dump. Now, it’s time to save money on your roll-off dumpster. We’ve got the best tips for you!

Planning Ahead

We deliver roll-off dumpsters to your project 6 days a week, making it easier for you to plan your project. And our rentals include up to 10 days to complete that project. This gives you a big window for planning ahead, but here’s a tip...plan around the weather forecast if possible. While we offer the extension of rentals for a small, daily charge, you will save money on your rental if you plan the project during the best weather!

And if you are working with a contractor, the best tip is to discuss a schedule with them so you can plan the best days for the bin.

Optimizing Space

We want you to get the most out of your rental. The next tip is to optimize space! We will help you determine the best size bin for your debris, but there are ways to utilize it to your best advantage. For example...breaking down materials can help fill spots. And if you are clearing out old junk, be sure to use the space in the furniture, such as books in shelves or clothes in the drawers of that old dresser. Packing smart will help you save money!

The Best Size For The Job

The next tip could be the best of all. Once you plan your project date, give us a call and we will help you with the best size dumpster for your needs. There are 5 different sizes to choose from! From small to larger jobs, there is a perfect dumpster and our website shows each bin in photos to help you visualize what you might need.

The pricing difference on our roll-off dumpsters is nominal, making it less expensive for you to go a size up if you are not sure on what you might need. We’ve made it cheaper for you to go a size bigger than rather ordering another bin to finish the job.

You’ve made the smart decision to use a roll-off dumpster for the quickest project cleanup. Planning ahead, packing smart, and ordering the perfect size bin will help you save money, making it even better!

Monday, 14 January 2019

We'll Help When Other Companies Can't

The holidays are over so its time for out with the old and in with the new.However, disposing of some household items is not as easy as throwing away in the trash due to space or guidelines. Bin There Dump That OKC can help you get rid of these items quickly. 


Nothing changes as quickly as technology nowadays! Almost every year, a new model cell phone, game system, or tablet are introduced. There are also technology advances with televisions, making them bigger, more clear, or more accessible for applications.

Because of this and great store sales, electronics make for some of the best gifts. However, getting rid of the old models isnt the easiest with strict guidelines for e-waste with most city utility companies. Bin There Dump That OKC takes all electronics, giving you an easy plan to get rid of the old items. 

Another sale opportunity at this time of year is for bedding, such as mattresses. Old mattresses are one of the most difficult items to get rid of, because not only do they not fit in the trash can, but many disposal companies do not take them. But we do! 

BinThere Dump That OKC has great bin sizes that accommodate mattresses. And if your box spring is being replaced, throw that in also! Our bins will have space for both and even the old pillows! 


From small to large kitchen appliances, Bin There Dump That OKC will accept all that are needing to be discarded. This even includes refrigerators! Being one of the very few companies that accepts refrigerators, however, we need to be sure it is done correctly. So, just be sure to mention when ordering because of certain requirements and Bin There Dump That OKC can haul it away. 

Whether it is appliances, e-waste, or bulky mattresses, Bin There Dump That OKC can help you quickly clear out the old so you can fully enjoy the new! Call us today and book your bin. With 5 different sizes, there is a perfect size for your job. And to make the job even easier, if you order in the morning, we can get it to you in the same day! All rentals include 10 days to complete the job, so you can take full advantage of having a roll-off dumpster at your disposal.                                                         

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

The 4 Best Tips To Prepare For Holiday Guests

Christmas Day is one week away and New Year's Day will shortly follow! If you are going to be the host for the holidays, we have the BEST tips to prepare for your guests. 


The first thing to do is to clear out spaces, such as guest bedrooms, for those holiday guests. These rooms often end up as extra storage for unused items. If guests will be staying with you, the guest or extra bedrooms should be cleared of that extra stuff. Space should be created for guests’ luggage, etc. And don’t forget the closets and bathrooms. Unnecessary items can be gathered now for later sorting, then stored away in an area that won’t be used during the holidays. 

Comfort Is Essential

Once you have decluttered the space, you can now focus on the essential comforts for guests. 

You want your guests to feel as comfortable as they do in their own homes. This can be achieved with a few special touches. Extra blankets and pillows can be put in the closet. Lighting is also important for guests that may not familiar with navigation at night. Lamps in rooms and night lights, placed in hallways, can help with this. And with electronic devices being so much a part in everyday life, charging equipment for your guests, if forgotten, will be appreciated. 

The bathrooms should also be prepped for the guests’ comfort. Bath towels and soap should be easily accessible. Extra toiletries such as shampoo, toothbrushes, and hair dryer can be placed in the bathroom in case guests forgot to pack them. 

A Little Preparation Goes A Long Way 

Providing a comfortable place to stay can make for the happiest of guests. A bit of preparation can extend that comfort throughout their stay. One suggestion is to prepare a coffee bar in the kitchen, ready to go each morning with mugs and other add-ins. This way, early birds can fix a cup and return to their rooms without having to go through cabinets. Another good idea is to having snacks on hand, ready to go at different times of the day. These snacks can be prepared a few days ahead, stored in serving bowls for quick serving.

These tips will help your adult guests feel right at home but don’t forget about the younger guests. Children can bore easily, so having games on hand will help with that. 

Easy Cleanup

So your holidays went perfectly and your guests left happy. Now is the time to go through the items you cleared out. You may suddenly realize most of the stuff you cleared out is not needed and you are enjoying the new look of those spaces. Ordering a roll-off dumpster will help clear those items up in one day. This is also the perfect time for the dumpster to do double duty. Any boxes, extra trash, and gift wrapping can be added to the bin for the quickest of cleanups!