Tuesday, 22 February 2022

3 Budget-Friendly Winter Projects


The winter months are the perfect time to tackle indoor projects. Colder temperatures lead to more time indoors and the realization that our homes could use some TLC or updating. Take advantage of the winter season by marking some of these projects off your list and enjoy the results without breaking the bank.


Kitchen/Bathroom Makeover


The kitchen and bathrooms are the rooms where the most time is spent. Simple additions or replacements can make over these rooms. Cabinetry designs have evolved into very ornate, very sleek, or very durable. The kitchen and bathroom can brighten up again with just changing the cabinets, but even just a hardware replacement can revamp these popular rooms.


With the time spent in these areas of the home, appliances and fixtures become worn. Changing out toilets, replacing tubs or appliances can not only freshen the look, but add value to the home.


Update Lighting


Lighting has come a long way since its invention. The very common and often few choices have grown into a large variety of the strength of lighting, the style of fixture, and the direction of the source. Lighting is many times used as focal points in homes. With so many choices though, comes the time with styles becoming outdated and even newer inventions, such as LED.


If you have been in a home for 5 or more years, you have probably noticed new styles being introduced. Home improvement stores have multiple aisles full of choices and the kits have made it very easy to do it yourself. Even if you do employ an electrician to replace, this budget-friendly update will transform your home’s look and feel.


Refresh Window Treatments


Another part of the home that needs changing every few years is window treatments, especially if the treatments are curtains or shades. Mostly window treatments become stressed with the elements, lacking their initial beauty. With furniture updates, paint, window treatments also become outdated or non complementary. And sometimes our lifestyle choices change, wanting the ease of blinds or eliminating blinds because of the difficulty in cleaning. Whatever your choice, refreshing your home with new window treatments can be a quick winter project.


The greatest part of these projects is they are not that expensive, yet make a huge impact. When you are ready to take on one or all of these winter projects, give Bin There Dump That a call and we will provide you with a small dumpster to dispose of the old items.



Tuesday, 18 January 2022

What To Do/Not To Do With Water Damage


Winter is the time of year that our homes are more vulnerable for water damage. Winter storms can result in pipes bursting or roof leaks. Whether it is from a winter storm or any unforeseen event, here are some tips for water accidents. 


Tips To Avoid Water Damage


Your best protection for your home is the exterior. It is important to check these exteriors annually…window sealing, roof, and all brick and siding. All need to be maintained for any water events. Next, it is important to disconnect outside hoses each Fall and cover outside faucets. All guttering and downspouts should be cleared out a few times each year to avoid debris and ice blockage. And plant vegetation that will not wrap around pipes.


Inside the home, make sure to know where the water main is and how to turn off/on. Appliances can also be a common cause for water damage, so make sure to check and maintain hoses. Hoses typically have a lifespan of 5 years. Finally, be mindful of your water bill and water pressure. Monitoring your water bill can possibly detect a leak that might not be seen. And setting water pressure for around 40-70 psi can avoid high pressure that might bust pipes.


Steps To Take After Water Damage


The first step is to turn off the water in your home once damage is discovered. Next, turn off electricity, as water and electricity do not mix. Once you have a safer environment, put on protective gear to inspect your home. This is the time to move valuables to safer areas and protect any items you can by moving their locations. Once you have stabilized your home, contact your insurance provider to discuss the procedure for a claim.


Next, is deciding to employ professionals or clean up the damage yourself. There are restoration services available that will do the work. Professionals will bring equipment to start the drying out process. If you are going to do it yourself, use buckets and mops to remove excess water, then start the dehumidifying procedures of opening windows or using fans. 


Order A Dumpster


No matter though if you do it yourself or hire someone else, unfortunately there will be removal of damaged items throughout the process. Some items will succumb to damage right away and some damage of items may be noticed later in the process. Call Bin There Dump That to order a dumpster for the removal of all damaged items such as furniture, flooring, bedding, etc. We can help you with the perfect size and your insurance provider most likely will cover the cost in your claim. Water accidents are a stressful time, but be assured we will help you by easing the stress with quick setup and removal.



Monday, 3 January 2022

4 Steps For Your Kitchen Remodel


The most popular room for remodeling is the kitchen. It is usually the hub of the home and a kitchen remodel can return more on an investment than most other projects. 


Plan A Budget


Setting a budget for your kitchen remodel should be the first step for the project. According to Home Advisor, the average cost for a kitchen remodel is around $14,000. There are factors that determine pricing such as location in the country and how much needs to be replaced i.e. cabinets, appliances, and flooring. Setting the budget will help when shopping for products and contractors, but remember to allow for 20% above your budget for any unforeseen expenses.


Research/Saving Money


Once a budget is set, the fun begins in searching and shopping for your new kitchen items. Shopping is made much easier by the online options of seeing products. If you see something you like from a design, the site will usually include the company for purchase information. The possibilities are endless with the internet. The internet not only opens the doors for more options, it helps with saving money by comparison shopping.


Cabinets will typically eat up 25% of the budget, according to HGTV. Another way to save money can be with the cabinets, by updating with custom doors instead of replacing the entire cabinet. Appliances will also take up a lot of the budget. Staying with mid-range appliance upgrades will help the bottom line. 


Declutter/Schedule A Timeline


A very important step for this project is decluttering. A kitchen will collect many items that end up not being used and just stored away. Out of sight, out of mind. Now is the time to tackle that decluttering to not only create more space but to set up some organization system for when the kitchen might not be usable during the remodeling.


Since a kitchen remodel can be inconvenient because it cannot be used, it is important to schedule a timeline, minimizing the downtime of the kitchen. Planning way in advance will help to establish delivery dates of products, availability of contractors/laborers.


Order A Dumpster


Once the timeline is set up, the final step is the easiest...call Bin There Dump That. We can help you with the perfect size dumpster for YOUR kitchen remodel and can have it there quickly.




Tuesday, 28 December 2021

What Homeowners Are Wanting In A Home


The years of 2020 and 2021 brought about a new ‘needs list’ for homeowners. The pandemic made us shift into different modes, where the home was the central place for everything. In a new age, those needs will continue to be on buyers’ and current homeowners’ lists.




The pandemic brought about concern that homes need to be the cleanest for the health of persons living in the home. This meant deep cleaning, replacing, and disposing of old and unusable items. Roll-off dumpster rentals helped with the quick cleanup and continues to assist homeowners with achieving clean, healthy homes.



The pandemic also brought about different uses for the home than otherwise needed before. Some people were working from home and children were learning from home. Also, eating at home was happening more. All these functions required plenty of space or an adjusting of space. Renting a roll-off dumpster, that can be safely placed in a driveway, will benefit any of those projects, by allowing for easy disposal. From extra bedrooms being transformed into home offices to remodeling the kitchen area, dumpsters were and can be used for the unused furniture, the broken appliances, and the outdated computers, along with construction debris.




Covid was not the only thing we faced in the past few years and will continue to face. Weather, especially here in Oklahoma, can be brutal. Not only do we experience tornadoes, but we suffered through some horrible ice and hail storms. The damage caused by the volatile weather can create a mess with trees, roofs, and siding. Homeowners and contractors choose roll-off dumpsters for quick cleanup of this damage. Also, dumpsters are perfect for the renovation of a home, to help with severe weather. Insulation and window replacement can help with energy efficiency, gutter replacement can help with avoiding roof leaks, and tree branch trimming will keep the home safer.


Whether it is to clean your home, make it safer or create new space, Bin There Dump That has can help with several size dumpsters to choose from. When you are ready to tackle your home projects, give us a call for quick delivery!


Thursday, 4 November 2021

What Size Of Dumpster Do I Need?


The most difficult decision about a home project or cleanout is not WHETHER you need a dumpster, it is what SIZE is needed. Bin There Dump That has several sizes to facilitate your projects.


Home Cleanout


There are many times a dumpster can be used for cleaning out your home. From garage and attic clearing to moving, a dumpster quickly clears out space. When needing to dispose of items that your normal trash service can’t handle, call Bin There Dump That for a perfect sized dumpster. We will suggest a few different sizes to make sure you get the right size for your project. Starting at the 10 yd, suggested for a single car garage cleanout, and up to the 14 yd and 20 yd that will accommodate several rooms and furniture.


Home Cleanup


The cleanup of a home is different from a cleanout. This typically means leftover junk from a tenant or previous homeowner and yard debris, such as tree limbs. Our larger bins, such as the 14 yard and 20 yard will help tremendously when faced with large tree limbs and other items in the yard or shed. Because your city or town will more than likely not take bulk trash conveniently or even at all, Bin There Dump That is the perfect solution in cleaning up the outside of your home.




Your home is an investment and maintaining its highest value is important. Renovation and/or remodeling may be needed in order to keep your home at its best! Some renovation examples are replacing windows or worn out flooring and outdated systems such as air conditioning. Remodeling can be updating the kitchen or bathroom. Bin There Dump That specializes in dumpsters for home use. Not only do we have a 6 yard for a bathroom remodel, we have a 10 yard for a kitchen remodel and our larger sizes for renovations that go beyond one room. AND, with our 100% board protection, you can be assured that the dumpster will not damage your driveway.




Most of our customers and contractors calling for 20 yard bins are pleasantly surprised when our Dumpster Consultant tells them we can handle most of their roof jobs with a 10 yard or 14 yard bin. These compact bins that are Residential Friendly, can be snug up to the home for a quick roof replacement, allowing for shingles to be tossed right in the dumpster. And, as an added protection, we will sweep for nails when picking up the dumpster.




The other heavy materials besides shingles, are dirt, rock, concrete, and brick. Bin There Dump That’s fleet of dumpsters includes smaller dumpster sizes, such as the 6 yd for these type of jobs. Our smaller sizes can be filled to the top with this material, while allowing our Residential Friendly trucks to lift the contents. Bin There Dump That knows there are many different types of projects from big to small cleanouts, and small to heavy loads, that’s why we have several different dumpster sizes to choose for your project. Give us a call and we will help you with the perfect size.






Friday, 22 October 2021

The 5 Day Declutter Challenge

Let’s face it, with the change of the season comes the desire or need to clean, organize, declutter, and even change the look of our homes. The holiday season is right around the corner, the time for family gatherings and celebrations. Before that time arrives, do our 5 Day Declutter Challenge!


Day One - Planning


First, things first. Have a plan. Will you be needing someone to assist in moving furniture or have you been storing items for a family member or friend? Once you have them scheduled for their help, give Bin There Dump That a call to schedule your dumpster. The dumpster can be there at the beginning of your challenge to help it go smoothly. Next, will you be donating any items? Will those organizations pick up or will you need to drop off? Today is also the day you will need to purchase any organization materials, such as storage containers.  


Day Two - Closets and Bathrooms


Start small. Well, relatively speaking. Your smallest areas may be your most disguised. Closets and bathroom cabinets can hide a lot of clutter. Day Two should be dedicated to these areas.


Bathrooms are pretty simple when it comes to decluttering. The goal with bathrooms is to rid them of any expired items and all broken/unusable items. Closets are usually more involved. Closets can get so packed that you will need to pull out stuff to get to the other items. That is a sure sign decluttering needs to be done. With closets, you will need to decide what items will still need storing away and what items it is time to throw out or donate. A good standard with clothing is... if the clothing does not fit anymore, is in need of repair/soiled, or you have not worn in 2 years, it is time to donate or throw away. Other items in closets can be sorted along those standards with keepsakes in safe storage, unusable items in the dumpster, and forgotten items that are no longer used, donated. 


Day Three - Bedrooms


Bedrooms will be much easier once you have tackled the closets. With bedrooms, other storage places, such as dressers and nightstands can be done on Day Three. Have trash bags ready to quickly collect old and unwanted items for disposing in the dumpster. And don’t forget under the bed! That old laptop that is out of date can be finally thrown away because Bin There Dump That will take all e-waste. Once these areas are cleared, decide if any decoration or furniture needs to be removed. Just 2 more days in the challenge and you will be done!


Day Four - Attic and Garage


Day Four is for the attic and garage. Both these places can end up being a storage place for items that are in need of repair or donation. Now is the time to dispose of that broken weed eater and lawn chair. And depending on the time of year, it could be a good time to go through seasonal items that you use annually.


Day Five - Kitchen and Living Areas


The final day of your Declutter Challenge is the kitchen and other living areas. Again, the challenge with clutter is deciding whether it is worth keeping. Do you have an extra coffee maker that is in a cabinet, two blenders? These decisions whether to store away for future use or to clear out space is a personal one. Maybe you have cleared out space elsewhere during the challenge. Or maybe it is time to finally let it go. It will be such a relief when all the lids match their containers once again!


And why not take advantage of your Declutter Challenge by disposing of old shower curtains, bedding, pillows, and drapes. Often these can collect harmful dust. Replacing at this time will bring a new look and healthier home.


You’re done! In just 5 days. Glad we could help!




Friday, 6 August 2021

Help! My Garage Is Full Of Stuff, What Do I Do?


Most Americans that own homes with garages use that space for storage and park outside of them. It is estimated that only 20-30% of garages are used for vehicles. With the average garage being a double, this is around 450 square feet of space that is occupied by ‘stuff’ that is not used daily. While it is easy and convenient to use the garage, eventually the space can become unsafe. And while some items must be stored in a garage, now is the time to go through the items that are continuously being overlooked and piling up.


First Step


Call Bin There Dump That and we will bring out a dumpster that will be placed in your driveway. The dumpster sits on a board system so the driveway is fully protected. Also, the dumpster has double doors that open to your garage, making it a breeze to walk in heavy items or toss others. Having your dumpster there from Day 1 will help the sorting and the entire project go much quicker.   


Step Two


The toughest part of cleaning out a garage is deciding what stays and what goes. It is easy to accumulate items year over year which makes it difficult to go through. Sorting these items is the next step in clearing out your garage space. There are three groups you can use to help sort through the clutter. First, is the item something you will use in the future? Is the item broken? Could the item be used by someone else? With these answers, you can decide if you want to place in the keep group, toss group, or donate group. 


Once you have established which items go to which group, you can start to clear out the garage. The roll-off dumpster just outside the garage will be handy in clearing out the stuff you will be throwing away. Once you have cleared out the items you need to toss, collect the donations for giving away.


Final Step


Finally, after disposing of unusable and broken debris in the dumpster and giving away donated items, the goal is to organize your garage for the stuff you are keeping. A clear garage is a safer garage. It is time to install shelving and hooks to store items up off the ground, leaving the area safe for walking and perfect for parking. Before finishing up, do a final walk-through of items to make sure everything is visible and organized. If you pack it away, you will most likely forget about it. Take advantage of the Bin There Dump Dump That dumpster to eliminate future clutter.