Monday, 22 March 2021

A Clean Attic Is A Safe Attic


An attic is a convenient location for storage of unused items. This is a space that however, goes often unnoticed. The attic can be used for storage, but it also contains vital materials and parts that aid in the function of your home. Keeping your attic organized will reduce hazards and increase the efficiency of your home.


Increasing Safety And Efficiency


The convenience of an attic is having a storage area without having to rent out a spot, off site. Many items, such as keepsakes and unused furniture are stored out of the way in the attic, freeing up valuable living space. It is important to maintain your attic space for the transfer and storage of these items. A good rule of thumb is to keep a clear walking path and to make sure items do not block the attic entry. With ease of access, maintaining the safety of your attic will be easier. And it is always best to distribute storage evenly so that your attic floor can withstand the weight.


Reducing Fire Risk


Whenever you want to store items, or you need to access the attic for maintenance, you should take a look around or hire a professional to check the electrical wiring. Animals may access the attic and chew on wires. This hazard can cause a fire. To reduce this danger, a thorough check of your attic should occur every few months. Another risk for fire can be leaks from the roof. Leaks may only go as far as your attic but that rain can also be an electrical hazard.


Maintaining Your Investment


Your attic can store vital equipment/materials for the functioning of your home. This equipment and material should be clear of any junk. When removing the extra items, be sure to check the equipment for operation. Also, check the insulation every year to notice areas that need more coverage for lower energy consumption.


And it is also important to store items not only safely, but smartly. Keepsakes should be transferred from any cardboard boxes and stored away in rubber or plastic bins. Keepsakes will be further protected from the elements in bins rather than cardboard boxes that can get damaged from pests and the elements.


Spring is a great time to clean the attic out and organize it for safety! Give Bin There Dump That a call and we will help you with the perfect size for your job.




Tuesday, 23 February 2021

What Can I Put In A Dumpster?

A roll-off dumpster is the perfect solution for the throwing out of household items, construction debris, and yard waste. 


Household Debris


No matter if the project is to clear out the garage or clear out several rooms, a roll-off dumpster from BinThere Dump That is perfect for quick disposal. 


So what items can you throw into a dumpster from your home? Furniture, e-waste such as TVs and computers, boxes, everyday household items such as clothing and wares can be thrown into a dumpster. A dumpster is the quickest removal process. Just remember, no hazardous or flammable items, no liquid paints or stains, and no tires. 


Construction and Yard Debris


Yard debris, such as tree branches, bushes, and even lawn furniture cannot fit into our regular trash cans. Bin There Dump That dumpsters are containers designed with 90 degree angles to help with this problem. Our bins can be quickly delivered and set up so you can dispose of the waste easily with the walk-in access. 


And when the project is construction, a roll-off dumpster from Bin There Dump That helps the project by keeping the site debris-free. A dumpster is perfect for remodeling kitchens and bathrooms, replacing floors, and even roof jobs. When you have a construction project, give us a call to help you with the perfect sized dumpster for the job. 


Heavy Material


One of the most difficult jobs for people is to get rid of heavy materials. Because of the weight, heavy materials cannot be disposed of in normal, weekly trash service. And usually, towns and cities prohibit heavier debris. Heavy materials, such as dirt, rock, concrete, and brick can be easily disposed of in a Bin There Dump That dumpster. Bin There Dump That has specifically sized dumpsters perfect for heavy debris. Bin There Dump That recognized the need for 4 yd and 6 yd bins that can be filled with the heavy material but still easily transported by Bin There Dump That trucks. With the unique size, jobs are quickly completed and there is no worry of the dumpster being too heavy to move. 


And besides being the solution for disposal that cannot be removed by weekly trash service, a dumpster eliminates multiple trips to the landfill and the need for transport equipment. Call us with your disposal needs and we will help you with your project. (405) 640-4345

Monday, 4 January 2021

Where Do I Throw Away Large Trash?

Not everything can be disposed of with the weekly trash service. The most difficult is the large trash. Because of the quantity, weight and/or size, large trash cannot be disposed of in the trash cans provided by the city or county. Some local municipalities provide "Big Trash Day" once a quarter. This means you will possibly have to hang onto these bulky items for up to three months before the city will come by to dispose of them. There is an easy solution to this problem...a roll-off dumpster. Renting a dumpster provides the convenience of disposing quickly at your home or business. Some companies, including Bin There Dump That can deliver a dumpster to your location the same day that you order. 


Large Trash Items


Because of the size of the trash cans provided by weekly trash service, larger items are unable to fit. From furniture to appliances, there are many large items that need to be disposed of with a roll-off dumpster. 


One large household item that is usually disposed of rather than sold, is a mattress. The average American owns 2 mattresses. Mattresses eventually wear out and need replacing. The landfill does accept mattresses and a Bin There Dump That roll-off dumpster is perfectly sized for the job. 


Other bulky items fit well in our dumpsters, as well. Just as with mattresses, there are household appliances that wear out and cannot be repaired or sold. These appliances (including refrigerators and freezers) can be easily taken away with a Bin There Dump That dumpster. 


Carpet and flooring can also become large, bulky, and difficult to discard. When replacing old flooring, rent a dumpster for quick removal. 


Large Quantities of Trash


Big projects can also result in large amounts of debris. Because there is so much debris, it could take weeks for the city to collect. And some debris is not allowed. Most cities do not allow tree branches in the trash cans. Tree branches are difficult to not only fit in the trash cans but also to come out of the cans. Roll-off dumpsters are a perfect solution for tree branch removal, easily loaded in our bins. 


Another project that produces a large amount of debris is remodeling. When it’s time to update that bathroom or kitchen, the difficult disposal of toilets, cabinets, and tubs can be easily removed with a dumpster. 


And don’t forget to rent a dumpster for decluttering. If the new year is the time for you to clean out closets, the garage, and attic, a Bin There Dumpster can help the project go quickly. 


Heavy Loads


A dumpster rental is also perfect for heavy items. Rubber and even metal cans cannot hold heavier items such as brick and concrete. Our 6yd dumpster is the perfect solution to dispose of these heavier materials. 


No matter if it is large items, large quantities, or heavy loads, easy removal can be achieved with a dumpster rental. Call us and we will help you with your large trash removal. 

Tuesday, 1 December 2020

The 3 Best Home Projects For December

December is cold but it is the perfect time to focus on projects around the home. When the weather gets chilly, we tend to notice all of the areas of the home that can be updated and cleaned. Now is the time to take advantage of the cooler temps and finish those projects you’ve wanted to get done. 


Home Remodeling Projects


A perfect project for December is updating your floors. Is the carpet worn out? Is the tile outdated? There are so many affordable options out there to replace your floors for an updated look AND for less maintenance and cleaning! Whether it is stripping down to the concrete or replacing with a faux wood plank, now is the time to refresh your entire home’s look with one quick change! 


Other areas popular for quick updates are the kitchen and bathrooms. Fixtures and appliances can age a home. Your best return on investment is updating these rooms for when you sell. 


Cleaning The Garage


December is the month we are reminded of how important a garage truly is. A clutter-free garage can be utilized for protecting vehicles from the weather. Do you have items that have made their way to the garage to sell later? Have they been there for a few years? Have the items multiplied to where they are taking up valuable space? With today’s busy schedules, few people have the time to hold a garage sale. And sadly, a garage sale is not bringing the returns that garage sales in past decades once brought. The average garage sale can take several weeks to prepare and a full weekend to keep open. The average amount made is around $500, hardly paying for your time. A faster option is to clear the clutter in a day to make way for a clear garage and less stress. 


Clearing Out The Old


And now is the time when we clear out the old to make way for the new that may be coming our way this holiday season. Did you ask for a new crock pot this year or a vacuum cleaner because the old ones are barely working? Every year, we replace items we already have with newer versions. The old appliances and e-waste are usually stored away. If your plans are to replace electronics or appliances, quick disposal is easy with a Bin There Dump That dumpster. Also if this is the year for a new Christmas tree or different theme for decorations, the old items can be quickly cleared out. 


Whether you want to remodel, update, or clean out your home, a roll-off dumpster can help with the large, the bulky, and the items not allowed with your regular trash service. When your trash can isn’t enough, BinThere Dump That can help with these December home projects. Call us today and we will help you with the perfect size for your needs

Monday, 9 November 2020

Four Reasons Going To The Landfill That Could Cost You


From clearing clutter to construction, many projects acquire large amounts of debris that you cannot dispose of with your weekly trash service. There are other options to use beside your weekly trash service to quickly dispose of the trash. When you have bulky items, heavy material, or even material your weekly service doesn’t allow, you will need to get it to the landfill. There are a few ways to accomplish this, including transporting the debris yourself or renting a roll-off dumpster. Here are four reasons with going to landfill yourself that could cost you. 


Equipment Needed To Haul Junk Yourself


In order to haul debris yourself to your city landfill, a pickup or trailer is needed. Not everyone has this equipment on hand to use. There are companies that will rent out this equipment. This cost will be the first in hauling the debris yourself. 


Safe Transport To Local Landfill


Once you have loaded the debris, the next step is to safely transport it to the local landfill. It is important to protect your load from blowing out of the transporting vehicle. Debris hauled in a trailer or pickup bed should be properly covered to prevent littering, or even worse, debris damaging other vehicles or harming drivers. 


Also, unfortunately landfills are messy. This mess includes nails and even sharper items that will ruin tires which can be very costly and possibly end up costing more to replace than the cost of renting a dumpster. There is also a risk of stepping on these sharp objects when you get out of your vehicle to unload your items. There is no safe path to avoid such items. 


Local and State Dump Fees


Once you have hauled the debris to the landfill, the weight or cubic yardage of your debris will determine the cost of your dump fees. In addition to the disposal fee that you will be charged, there are other fees that will be added such as a water recovery fee as well as both city and state fees. These charges can add up if the material is heavy or you have multiple loads. 




Time is money! Yes, YOUR time is money! Of course, doing projects yourself can save you money, but that extra time spent driving, on fuel, and unloading your debris at the landfill should be considered. 


A roll-off dumpster rental can save you time and money when needing to dispose of debris. Give us a call and we will find the perfect size for your project and make it stress free! 

Monday, 5 October 2020

Residential Friendly Dumpsters Are Best Option For Homeowners AND Contractors

“Residential Friendly” is the best option for homes and we are the experts in central Oklahoma. Call us today at 405-640-4345 to discuss your specific needs, we will be glad to help! 


When we say “Residential Friendly” we don’t just mean our service is completed by friendly employees. Sure, from the moment you order and have your bin delivered to the pickup of the dumpster, it is with friendly employees, but “Residential Friendly” goes beyond that. Smaller trucks, bins with a smaller footprint, and a board system to protect the property, make for the best option for homeowners and contractors, alike. 


Smaller Dumpster Trucks


At Bin There Dump That OKC, we have a fleet of smaller trucks that are “Residential Friendly.” Our F550s, and even our M2 and F650 are small enough to fit in the tightest of spots. These trucks come equipped to safely transport the dumpster around other motorists fully aboard the truck, with no overhang. Also, the trucks are not large triple axle trucks and can maneuver in areas much more freely. Besides the smaller trucks being able to fit into small driveways, you can feel confident that there is no unnecessary weight on that driveway, preventing undue stress and cracking. 


Specially Sized Dumpsters


“Residential Friendly” also applies to our dumpsters. Instead of long dumpsters, Bin There Dump That OKC has dumpsters that can easily fit on one side of a driveway or in a single car driveway. The dumpsters have a smaller footprint that is about the size of a minivan. Even if there is a carport, our trucks are able to fit most of our dumpster sizes under that structure. Basketball goal? No problem! The dumpster can easily be set under it if that is where you need it placed. But don’t let ‘smaller’ dumpsters fool you, because of their 90 degree design, our dumpsters allow for plenty of debris! In fact, this shape sets us apart from other companies because of the maximum area inside the bin. 


Protection and Appearance

“Residential Friendly” also means our service is completely centered around the protection of your site. Whether you are a homeowner, contractor, or renter, our dumpsters are placed with a cleated board system. Larger dumpsters are normally placed directly on your concrete driveway. When the larger dumpsters are picked up, the metal of the dumpster scratches the driveway. Our board system ensures there is no contact on your driveway with our metal rollers. 


Besides the protection of the driveway, our bins are a friendly, light green color that won’t be an eyesore in the neighborhood. In fact, our delivery experts will even sweep up the area after the dumpster has been filled, leaving a clean spot. 


Friday, 4 September 2020

Beware Of Out-Of-State Dumpster Brokers


So, you have decided it is time for that kitchen remodel or it’s time to clean out the garage. A roll-off dumpster makes those projects go smoothly with quick disposal of debris. Your first step is finding a dumpster rental company. All rental companies are NOT the same. It is not only important to find the best size of dumpster for your project, but also to find a company that is dedicated to its customers. Most consumers feel the most safe and satisfied when they go with a local business. But with today’s technology, what appears to be local may not be. There are 3rd party brokers that use local phone numbers and are actually not in the state of Oklahoma. This can be confusing! When looking for a dumpster, consider the following for the best rental experience. 


What Is A Dumpster Rental Broker? 

 A 3rd party dumpster rental broker is essentially a call center that is set up in A DIFFERENT state. The broker does not own dumpsters and does not employ drivers that drive the trucks. In order for them to get a dumpster to you, they call local companies to fulfill the order. This process can take more time because they have to find a dumpster company with availability and with the best profit margin for them.  This can lose time for you and your project in two ways...1. It will take time for the 3rd party to call local dumpster companies. And 2. If their profit is more with a company that does not have availability for a week, they will choose that company, leaving your project delayed. 

Choosing a dumpster rental broker can actually cost you 10-20% more than if you work with a local dumpster company directly!


Expect a Safer Rental From Local Dumpster Companies

When renting a dumpster for your home or construction project, you should require the assurance that the company you rent from is fully insured from their trucks to their drivers. A broker can only complicate this safety by being involved indirectly. Will the broker be fully responsible if there is damage or will they disappear? And how well does the broker know the dumpster company if they have never been to that company? A local company is your safest choice. 

List Of Dumpster Brokers That Service The OKC Metro Area:

*The list is long so we have chosen to only list the more popular ones found on a Google Search.













How To Know It Is A Dumpster Broker Service


As mentioned, a local 405 number may be listed for a broker that is not in Oklahoma. READ REVIEWS! Local companies will have more reviews and it’s the best way to find your dumpster rental. The reviews are from your neighbors, co-workers, and friends who have gone through the rental process. 


Next, ask questions if you are not sure they are local! A local company will happily and easily answer your questions. 


Finally, call Bin There Dump That for the best local dumpster rental experience. Our service is quick, convenient, and we take extra precautions protecting your property. Call us today at 405-640-4345 and ask us how.