Saturday, 1 August 2015

Midtown Booming!

If you haven’t made it to Midtown on the last Friday of the month, you are missing something amazing!  Oklahoma City has numerous areas of resurgence but Midtown has to be the most impressive. Not only are there new restaurants and entertainment venues but festivals, apartments, and neighborhood businesses.  It is exciting to see Oklahoma City thriving and full of young people repopulating and rebuilding our OKC core.
In May of 2014, we partnered with Brian Bergman to donate dumpsters for an H&8th event.  Bryan has done a great job coordinating the event and is a person we look forward to seeing each month. For being from a small town, he has really made an impact on OKC. At the time, we did not know a lot but were excited to contribute to what we saw as a small push to revitalize part of downtown OKC. We were amazed at how each month the attendance continued to grow from 20,000 to a peak of approximately 40,000.  If you visit once, you have not seen it all. From a classic car parade, bicycle races, and OCU Law projecting March Madness games on the side of their building; each event seems to be unique.

Fast forward to 2015, this year Bleu Garten , Dust BowlFassler's HallIndustry Flea's pop up shops, and numerous other businesses have opened. While H&8th extends from 6th to 10th St and from Hudson to Western, the influence and party extends well beyond. 

Check out this great video to learn more about H&8th!

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