Monday, 9 November 2015

Share Your Dumpster with Your Neighbors

WINTER IS COMING!  You need to clean out your garage to make room for the cars before the ice and snow arrive.  You know you have more stuff than your curbside trash bin can hold, but do you have enough to rent a dumpster? There is a good chance that if you need to clean out your garage or attic that one of your neighbors does too.  Have you considered sharing a dumpster?  

We often get asked if a client can rent a dumpster and share it with a neighbor.  The answer is, "Yes!" That is a fabulous idea!  Sharing helps you save
money, conserve resources, and develop friendships with your neighbors!

There are several reasons to consider sharing a dumpster with a neighbor or two.  

The first reason is SAVING MONEY!
No matter how many people choose to share the dumpster the cost is the same.  The neighbors will decide whose driveway the dumpster will be placed on.  They will also decide who is responsible for paying the dumpster company. The other neighbor or neighbors will then pay back their portion of the rental. 

Another reason to consider sharing a dumpster is that it is a great way to MEET YOUR NEIGHBORS! Are you new to the area and trying to dispose of your moving boxes, or you would like to redo the landscaping?  Perhaps ask all the homeowners on  your block if they would be interested in sharing a larger dumpster.  This would be a great way to introduce yourself to the neighborhood! You can pick a day and call it a "Clean Up Block Party!" Each homeowner can be responsible for a refreshment and during cleaning breaks everyone can mingle and get to know each other!
One last reason to consider sharing a dumpster is for NEIGHBORHOOD BEAUTIFICATION! Does your neighborhood have a park or commons area that families like to go play and enjoy time together at?  If it does, I'm sure you like for it to stay clean and safe for everyone.  Ask  your homeowner's association if they would like to hold a neighborhood clean up day!
If needed, a few dumpsters can placed throughout the neighborhood to make clean up easier.  Dumpsters can be used for general trash found in the greenbelts and parks, as well as for landscape renovations! If it is a success, then it can become a seasonal event. Perhaps hold a spring cleaning day as well as a fall clean up day.  If it becomes a regular event, then people can plan ahead for it, which will increase participation. 

Most household items can be thrown into the dumpster, with the exception of hazardous materials.  Yard debris such as top soil, brush, plants, and gravel can also be placed into the dumpster.  Some materials such as dirt, concrete, rock, and brick are quite heavy.  Check with your rental company to make sure your materials won't overload the dumpster. 

Again, renting a roll-off dumpster to share with one neighbor or your entire street can help you create new friendships and encourage people to clean out their clutter and and improve their landscapes! There are several dumpster sizes to choose from, so find the one that is best for your needs! 

Ready to rent a dumpster? If so then give us a call, at 405-640-4345! We will be happy to bring one out to you so you can get started meeting your neighbors and making your neighborhood beautiful!