Wednesday, 20 January 2016

What Happens to my Recyclables?

Do you ever wonder what happens to the materials you place in your recycle bin? What do they become in their second life?

Metal and paper is by far the most versatile materials to recycle.  The different metals are melted down and reused for everything from soda cans to car parts. Paper products are ground to pulp and remade into products from printer paper to egg cartons.  However, other products have a more interesting second life.

#2 Plastic such as milk jugs, juice bottles, and laundry deterget bottles may enjoy a second use as:
     * Poly Wood (plastic lumber) which is used for decks, patio furniture, & outdoor sign posts

     * Stadium Seats

     * Playground slides and other

     * Frisbees

     * Plastic buckets

     * New bottles

     * Sleeping bags
Tires also have a great second use:
* Subsurface for artificial turf on football fields

* Fill for playground equipment

* Fuel source for certain factories

Styrofoam has recently found new life in becoming surf boards and paddle boards.  So next time you get that Big Gulp form 7-11, find a place to recycle it! It might just be surging the waves in Hawaii some day!


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