Sunday, 6 March 2016

Oklahoma Spring Time Storms

Spring is upon us again. How can we not be excited in Oklahoma City!  This spring will bring us a new white water rapids course at the Oklahoma River! As well as, the return of Heard on Hurd, paddle boarding at Lake Overholser, Bleu Garten, outdoor concerts, and all the great outdoor activities Oklahoma City has created over recent years. While warmer weather is welcomed with open arms, it also means storm season. In Oklahoma, that means wind and hail! There are several things you can do in preparation for the coming storms which will help you minimize potential damage and reduce your stress in the event of damage. 

                Clean out the garage! De-clutter your garage so you can park your vehicle in the garage. While it is impossible to protect all of your property from damage, this step will eliminate the headache of dealing with an insurance claim and coordinating hail damage repairs to you vehicle.  Bin There Dump That Oklahoma City has several dumpster sizes available starting as low as $280; which is less than half the cost of most deductibles. Additionally, you can enjoy the benefits of getting into a cooler car in the summer and warmer car in the winter!

                Repair any broken fence posts. As many of us still have the wood fence post, we all experience broken posts from rot at ground level. While replacing a post is a hassle, doing it now will save you additional work and costs in the future. Delaying the repair can cause adjoining posts to break under the additional stress; as well as, cause panel damage should the fence fall. A couple hours of labor and $15 can typically prevent additional damage. 

                Trim overgrown trees. Trim overgrown trees and bushes; especially, those touching your house or roof. Trimming will prevent damage to roofs, gutters, and siding from rubbing damage caused by them swaying in the wind. Additionally, reducing the area the size of the tree will help reduce the stress it sustains in the wind. Trimming helps trees and bushes stand-up to wind gusts.

                Clean-up excess yard debris. Dispose of unused, broken items in your yard such as grills, trampolines, patio furniture, swing sets, or other miscellaneous items. This will prevent unnecessary damage to your property. These are items which are prone to go airborne in high winds. If these items are still in good shape and being used, ensure they are properly anchored or securely stored.

                Roof damage recognition. Determining hail damage to your shingles from the ground can be tough. Typically, if you can see the damage from the ground it means the damage is severe. Often, collateral damage can assist you in determining the extent of damage to the roof. Check your gutters, window screens, garage door, siding, and other surfaces for damage. If you suspect you have hail damage, contact a roofing company to arrange an inspection. Oklahoma City has many experience roofing companies who can assist you in identifying damage and help you determine the best course of action to address the damage. Most roofing companies in the Oklahoma City Metro provide free inspections.

Whether you need a bin to clean-out your garage, repair your fence, clean-up your yard, or replace a roof, Bin There Dump That Oklahoma City has a bin to meet your needs! We are specifically designed for residential applications and have built-in processes to protect your property. Bin There Dump That Oklahoma City is the only dumpster service in the Oklahoma City metro who offers these benefits. Bins begin as low as $270 for general debris. We offer clean dirt, concrete, rock, and masonry at even lower rate!  Check out our website for additional information

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