Monday, 11 April 2016

What to Look For When Renting a Dumpster

Knowledgeable Sales Representative
You deserve a knowledgeable operator, not an automated phone system. You need a person who is familiar with their equipment and material weights to keep from placing both parties in a bind. When operators inquire about the type of materials you will be disposing, they are watching out for you. They need to know this information to avoid concerns with regulated materials and weight issues. When you contact Bin There Dump That, feel confident you are speaking with a company with a wealth of knowledge. Your local Bin There Dump That owner has delivered thousands of dumpsters and is part of a network that has delivered well over a hundred thousand dumpsters. If your operator is not asking questions, it should be a red flag that you may not be ordering from an experienced company.

How Many Trucks
If you are trying to adhere to a schedule, it will be important to know how many trucks a company runs. The very nature of the business is tough on the equipment and repairs to these heavy duty vehicles can take much longer than a typical vehicle.  It is not uncommon for a truck to be down 2 weeks to 4 months due to lack of parts or difficulty in diagnosing them. Therefore, you will want to inquire about the fleet size of the company so you are not left with a dumpster sitting much longer than expected. The vast majority of Bin There Dump That locations have multiple trucks and those that do not have a large network to rely upon for assistance should they find themselves in a bind. 

Are They Insured
It is very important that you only hire a dumpster company who is well insured with both General Liability and Workers Compensation insurance. Trust but verify is the motto to follow in this case. With franchises like Bin There Dump That, rest assured that we have a Home Office not only requiring but also verifying that each location is maintaining adequate insurance. When ordering from individually owned, single location operators, protect yourself by requesting Proof of Insurance for both General Liability and Workers Compensation coverage. This will protect you should the truck damage your property or if a worker is injured while delivering the bin.

Unsightly Bins
Just because dumpsters are hauling away trash doesn’t mean they have to be ugly. While it is impossible to keep a dumpster immaculate, you shouldn’t have to settle for dumpsters that haven’t seen a paint brush since Y2K was a concern or has rust holes in the walls. Sadly, the bar of expectation is not high for dumpsters yet the dumpster industry seems to miss it frequently. At Bin There Dump That, we do not want to be an eyesore for the neighbors and routinely repair and paint our dumpsters to keep them in good condition. 

Local Owners
Each Bin There Dump That is locally owned and operated. The owners live in the community and employ other residents. We care about our community and are active in the community. The majority of the dumpster businesses you find on the internet, or phone book, are brokers who are not local. These brokers will subcontract to local dumpster companies. This often means they are not in-touch with local laws and issues. Separating the local dumpster provider from the actual customer, can create some issues with miscommunication, lack of knowledge whether the equipment and materials are a match, and scheduling delays. Additionally, you will be paying a higher price for a lesser service.   

Following these tips should help you identify an experienced, reputable dumpster provider making your experience an enjoyable one.  Rent a dumpster from Bin There Dump That and you will have the peace of mind that everything will be taken care of for you.

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