Saturday, 17 September 2016

Bin There Dump That - Your Lifetime Helper

Life comes in stages with new jobs, marriage, home ownership and having a family. During those stages, we accumulate stuff. In fact, according to the L.A. Times, the average American household has 300,000 items! Bin There Dump That is here as your helper during life's journey when the once necessary stuff needs clearing out. 

1+1 is Two

The start of a marriage brings about the combining of a couple's belongings. Our homes now have more TVs than people, USA Today reports. When furniture and appliances are shared, instead of used in separate homes, the removal of the extra items is needed. We make this process simple by providing a dumpster on your property for easy disposal of those items. There is no need to worry about renting a vehicle large enough to transport the items. No need to locate a dumping facility in your town for legal discarding. We handle both for you. 

Baby Makes 3

The decision to have children is a momentous one. Preparation starts in the room intended for the nursery. This room may have been used for exercise equipment or an extra bed and space needs to be made for a crib. Being parents also calls for baby proofing a home. That glass coffee table you enjoyed as newlyweds isn't the best choice with a toddler in the home. Sometimes yard sales are not timely and we help you remove extra furniture and equipment from your home so you can create that nursery and make your home safe. 

As we proceed down life's path, our homes grow. In fact, NPR reported our homes are almost triple the size as 50 years ago. During the next part of this stage, toys ultimately find their way to an attic or even the garage. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates 32% of two-car garages can only hold one vehicle due to storage of items. We can help when you need to clear out this area in your home. 

The 2nd Half

The kids have grown up and moved away. You are possibly facing positive equity in your home and a smaller one is appealing for ease in upkeep. The extra living room or playroom don’t make much sense anymore when your Things To Do list includes traveling the world and visiting the grandchildren! Bin There Dump That will make this stage as easy as the others, helping you eliminate the unnecessary items. We will be your helper through life, making every transition as smooth as possible, so you can accumulate wonderful memories instead of just stuff. 

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