Monday, 7 November 2016

Winterizing the Home with Bin There Dump That

Now is the time in Oklahoma to winterize our homes and Bin There Dump That is here to help, saving you time and money while making the process simple.

Around The Yard

The ideal time to start cleaning up the yard is before the first freeze. Start by collecting fallen leaves and trimming overgrown trees and bushes. Unnecessary branches may be susceptible to damage from ice or snow which can endanger the entire tree or bush. Additionally, even small branches can cause damage to your house, or other structure, if a they accumulate too much ice and fall. Therefore, be sure all branches are trimmed a safe distance away from your home. Our 4 yard and 6 yard containers are perfect for the numerous piles of leaves and bulky branches, making disposal quick. Instead of having to break up branches and waiting weeks to eliminate all of it, Bin There Dump That completes your job by saving you time and money.

The Outside Of The House

Roofs should also be made ready for the winter months. Snow and ice may result in costly leaks due to missing and worn shingles or tiles. Another important task is clearing out the gutters. Debris builds up in gutters and water will not flow properly away from the home, leaving it at risk for ice damage. The debris in the gutters, everything from rocks and sediment to leaves, can be added to the old roof material in our convenient containers and hauled away once you are done, making winterizing simple!

On The Inside

Preparing your home for the winter doesn’t stop with the outside. The change of seasons means change of air filters. To keep the energy costs low, weather stripping should be updated around doors and windows. Older, drafty windows may require replacement to more efficient ones. All the old weather stripping, windows, and air filters can be disposed of quickly with Bin There Dump That.

Don’t Forget That Garage

Finally, scraping the windshield of a vehicle is never fun and the defrost is never quick enough! NOW is the time to clear out the garage, making room for the parking of vehicles. The items that have accumulated in the garage can be easily cleared with the rental of one of our containers. Unused items will no longer be in the way of keeping the car guarded from the winter weather.

No matter if the job is big or small, our containers can handle the job of preparing your homes for winter. Making the home safe and energy efficient is easy with Bin There Dump That.