Wednesday, 5 July 2017

BTDT's Guide to a Successful Garage Sale

Garage Sale Guide

Garage Sales are a perfect opportunity to clear out unused household items. All you need for a successful sale is a good plan! 

How To Choose

First, you will need time to go through your belongings and decide what to sell. The best area to start in is the garage. Clearing out the garage will give you not only time to collect sale items, but a chance to clean the garage for the big day. Unused tools for the home and lawn always sell well. This would also be a great time to get rid of the extra lawn chairs and coolers. It always helps to sell items in season! 

Once you have cleared space in your garage, now it's time to tackle the other rooms of your home. Closets, cabinets, and drawers can quickly amass lots of stuff. Out of sight, out of mind, right? In fact, most people wear only 20% of their clothes 80% of the time. A good way to decide on clothes is to ask if it fits, is it stained or torn, or has it been worn in the last year? If any of these are 'no' then it could be time to sell. In the kitchen and bathroom, the same holds true, has it been used in the last year? 

Time To Organize

Next, you will need to price your items and prepare for the sale. With the internet, the guessing game is taken care of with a simple search of garage sale pricing. If you can't find a certain item, a great guideline is to price at about 10-25% of the original purchase. And price each piece individually unless you can save time with like items in a box and one sign. 
It's now time to set up for the sale! Tables are crucial for displaying merchandise. If you are fortunate to have friends, neighbors, or family that have some, that is more money in your pocket. 

There are other areas you can save and keep your garage sale investment low. When subdivisions hold the weekend event, there will be no need to obtain a sales permit. There are also opportunities to advertise for free on social media and Craigslist. 

If you do not live in a neighborhood who hosts sales for residents, a small investment in signs will lead interested buyers to your sale. 

What's Left

The last step is planning ahead for the leftover items that did not sell. Call Bin There Dump That to schedule a bin to be delivered after your sale. This would be a perfect time to share with neighbors that also took part in the neighborhood sale. Each home can split the cost of the bin and completely rid their homes of the unused items. The task of taking to the dump is then taken care of by us.