Thursday, 4 January 2018

Indoor Projects For When It's Cold Outside

The holidays are over but the cold weather is still here. Now is a great time to tackle some indoor projects! Try these 4 indoor projects when it’s cold outside.

Bathroom Transformation

As the smaller rooms of a home, storage can be a problem in a bathroom. Adding shelves, wall, or standalone cabinets can remedy this with fairly simple installation.

And home spas are all the rage right now. Switching out old tubs for soaking or jetted tubs may not be a DIY project, but well worth the investment! If your space doesn’t allow for a bathtub, try changing out your shower head with a specialty one. 

The Heart Of The Home

The kitchen becomes outdated faster than any other room of a home. This happens because trends change quickly affecting the whole room, from appliances to cabinets and counters. It may be one of the more costly remodels, but an updated kitchen is still the best return on investment with resale. 

There are things you can do to help with the cost however. Consider buying your appliances in a package from the same store. The store may work with you if you purchase it all in one place. 

Another option is painting the cabinets instead of replacing. A professional can do this at a fraction of the cost of new cabinets. 

Out With The Old...

Carpet has a very limited lifetime due to everyday wear. A project many homeowners are tackling themselves, is replacing carpet with other materials, such as wood or even tile that looks like wood. There are even laminates that help with the budget. Whether you want to eliminate carpet everywhere, or even in certain high traffic areas, the options for flooring are so extensive now, this could be the most fun of projects! 

Improve Energy Efficiency 

Working in the attic may not be the warner choice, but it’s the perfect reminder about energy efficiency. Such barriers as attic insulation can improve the heating and cooling of a home. Just like with other areas of the home, products such as insulation have improved over the years. Clearing out the old insulation and replacing with a better product, will help with comfort and also with utility costs. 

If you do these projects yourself or have a professional’s help, reserve one of our bins to help with cleanup. We are here to help with your home year round!