Thursday, 8 March 2018

Home Spring Makeover

Spring is almost here and it is the time for extensive cleaning or clearing out. This also can be a time to give the home a makeover. From different colors to lighter materials, the home can reflect the new season. And this year is bringing trends that can be easily added to existing design without a complete overhaul and without breaking the bank.

Color and Pattern

Neutrals have been popular for quite some time. But this year will see the embracing of warmer and bolder hues. Some describe a jewel palette, while others say these colors can be straight from the garden. In the 1960s and 1970s, yellow and green were on trend from wallpaper to appliances. These two are making a comeback with brighter versions., purple, and blue are encouraged. Along with the bold color, bold patterns are showing up this year. Mainly…strong, geometrical shapes.

To update your homes look for Spring while welcoming 2018 trends, consider changing out bedding and opting for brighter choices, adding some pillows with strong patterns. Older window treatments can be switched out for less heavy versions, along with changing shower curtains. And toss the old throw pillows throughout the home and add the new Spring look. And dont forget the throw rugs and towels. Updating these small items are budget friendly while giving a different look. 

Fixtures and Hardware

Metallic accents are big this year. Hardware may have gone away from chrome, but rose gold, gold, and copper are replacing it. Besides hardware of cabinets and plumbing, metallic accents can be added with knick knacks, mirrors, or fixtures. 

Also, lighting fixtures are becoming their own focus. Vintage look and artisan lighting will be center stage. As much as favorite wall art, the lighting fixture can be a statement piece in the room. The only limit is imagination.


What better way to enjoy Spring by updating the outside living space? New, bright cushions on outdoor furniture help with a quick spring makeover. If you arent ready to go with bold color inside the home, outdoors is the place to have fun with this trend. 

And indoor furniture is making a BIG change with lines. Curves are replacing the traditional square, rectangle, or straight line. Its time for asymmetry and a mixture of different eras. 

A Spring makeover added to Spring cleaning can update the home with a new look!