Friday, 8 June 2018

To Haul Or Not To Haul....That Is The Question

You have a remodel project or you’re wanting to clean up your home inside and out. The job is too large for your trash cans. What to do next, rent a roll off dumpster or haul the materials yourself to the local landfill? Consider the following when deciding which would be best for your project. To haul or not to haul...that is the question! 


Taking care of your project by collecting the debris and piling onto a trailer or into a truck bed might be an option for you, but some landfills do not allow all materials you might want to get rid of. Before opting for hauling it yourself, make sure your local dump accepts all materials you want to include. Some items a city landfill might not take are shingles, dirt, rock, brick, and appliances. This could result in you hauling different materials to different locations for proper disposal. Bin There Dump That accepts ALL of these materials, making it easier for you. 


It is important to determine the cost of hauling vs a roll off dumpster rental when deciding which route to go with your project. 

The dump that you decide to use for disposal of materials may charge an amount per pound of weight or it may charge a fee up to a certain weight, then money for each pound of debris over that amount. Another method used is charging by each load. The exact charge of your disposal fee will not be known until you are at the landfill and they weigh the load. 

Bin There Dump That will include the dump fee with your rental, making costs known upfront. This assists budget planning for any project. 


Besides multiple loads of debris adding up with disposal fees, fuel will also be used. Along with the costs, is the time spent. One 10 yd dumpster rental could equal up to 4 pickup loads, saving you multiple trips to the landfill. And if the closest dump isn’t actually close, the cost of transporting it yourself will be much more than with a roll off dumpster. 
The convenience of a roll off dumpster also includes no interruption of the project due to having to haul off and empty truck or trailer before starting again. 

Depending on your project size, and transportation options available, a roll off dumpster can be the smartest decision with cost and convenience. Call us today to price your project!