Thursday, 16 August 2018


Roll-off dumpsters are the easy solution for all sorts of projects. From yard cleanup and junk clean out to remodeling jobs and moves, dumpsters help the task get done quickly. With so many options, our bins are tailored to your project. So, what’s next? Ordering is simple and we can help you with all the questions you have, making your project even easier to accomplish! Here are a few of the frequently asked questions to help you get started. 

What Can We Include?

Very often we are asked if certain items can be included in the bins. Of course, hazardous materials such as oils, gasoline, or acids which include car batteries, are not allowed. Asbestos and medical waste are also not allowed. But if you have electronics, or what is referred to as e-waste, it CAN be included in your bin. Bin There Dump That also can take mattresses and grills, items that are not usually accepted by others. And as one of the very few operators that do take refrigerators, go ahead and add that too to your dumpster. We only ask that it be empty of food and loaded last by our convenient double doors in the rear of our bins. 

How Long Do We Have The Dumpster?

Our rentals include up to 10 days to help a project get done. We understand things may get in the way of project completion, such as weather or work schedules. Our 10 day rentals accommodate for such delays with more days included than other rental companies. The 10 day rental period can include 2 weekends for working individuals that turn into weekend DIY warriors. This length of time helps most of our customers with plenty of time, but you do have the option of extending the rental for a daily fee if more time is needed. 

What If We Need Another Dumpster? 

We will fit the best size dumpster for your project and budget. Sometimes though, another dumpster might be needed to finish the job. Even with the best intentions of matching your needs to the best size of dumpster, often more stuff is realized that you want to add to the bin. The ease of the process makes this happen a lot with the great feeling of a cleaned up area or home, so customers will find more stuff than they originally planned! We KNOW this freeing sense comes with our dumpsters, so if you need to order another bin, we can pick up the full one and replace with a new empty bin. The price will be the same as your first rental and include 10 more days! If the size you ordered the first time, may be too large for leftover items, let us know and we will fix you up with a smaller size. With 5 different sizes, we can help with small or larger projects. Give us a call today. Even if you are just curious about rental options, we are here to answer all of your questions.


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