Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Fall Cleaning May Be Better Than Spring Cleaning - 3 Reasons Why


Our yards, gardens, and landscaping transition for Winter by mostly dying off. This is the perfect time to clean it up. Clearing the dead vegetation, cut grass, and fallen leaves, will not only better the appearance of the home, but will also encourage healthy growth for Spring. And don’t forget the gutters! Any leaves stuck in the gutters could be disastrous for a home during Fall rains or Winter storms. Avoid roof leaks and erosion damage by removing all debris from the gutters. 

Such a clearing of the yard will add up in lawn bags. A dumpster will accommodate those many bags where they can be disposed of quickly instead of spread out for weeks using your local trash service. 

Now is also the time to tackle those low hanging branches or changing out mulch. With 5 different sizes of roll-off dumpsters, the perfect size is available for smaller or large jobs. 


It’s the year to be the host for the holidays! First, get ready for the family by clearing out the garage for extra parking. Next, clear space for overnight guests by disposing of extra stuff that has turned the guest room into a junk room. 

And while you’re getting ready to be the best host for the holidays, bring down those decorations from the attic. Go through all, getting rid of non-working lights and broken items. Is it time for a new tree? Dispose of the old one in your bin. 

Back To School

With the kids back in school, bedrooms and playrooms can be tidied up and cleared out during Fall cleaning. Broken toys and old clothes can be thrown out, making the most of the child’s space. 

And they don’t stay little forever, so out with the old. This could mean toys and rooms they’ve outgrown. Cribs, toddler beds, and playhouses are common for changing out. 

Maybe they have gone off to college. Is it the time to have that home office or gym you’ve wanted? A dumpster rental will help clear out that space quickly for the redesign. Just make sure the guest room is ready for when they do come home to visit! 

Have one or all of these projects on the “To Do” list? Give us a call to get a dumpster perfect for your needs and schedule.