Monday, 21 October 2019

Dumpster Rental Vs. Removal Service

There are many situations when what we need to get rid of will not fit in our trash bins. We accumulate ‘stuff’ throughout the years that can fill closets, attics, and the garage. We use ‘stuff’ until it cannot be used anymore and is just taking up space. We also improve our home by investing in remodeling and repairs. All of these situations result in debris that needs to be disposed. There are a couple of options to consider for quick disposal, dumpster rental or removal service. Let’s discuss both services and which best meets your needs for your project! 

Cost of Dumpster Rental Vs. Removal Service

Everyone likes a good deal! Knowing there are options for getting rid of trash will have people comparing the price of each service. A lesser quote will be attractive, but it is important that the total be compared instead. A dumpster rental service will quote a price for the rental, delivery, pick up, tax, and disposal fees. When inquiring a quote for a removal service, make sure to have removal service visit and quote the price BEFORE doing the work. Most removal services calculate a price by how many employees they use to do the job, their hourly rate, and how many loads will need to be disposed. How many loads will depend on how smart they pack the items. Because of this, a price given on a website or quoted over the phone should be backed up by an in-person quote. 

Time of Service

Both dumpster rental and a removal service will have the debris moved quickly. If you have not collected the items to be removed and moved them to a central location, you will have to be available to direct a removal service to each item. This time will add up with hourly rates. Our dumpster rental includes 10 days to collect those items onyour schedule and at your pace. 

Deciding By Project

The best deciding factor may be the type of job, or what needs to be removed. If you have one appliance that cannot be repaired, a removal service could be the best option with price. Junk removal services may be best with the single, large items such as the removal of hot tubs or pianos.  When there are many items from cleaning out storage areas, or debris from remodeling, a dumpster rental will be more cost effective. 


After evaluating the type of job and comparing cost of each service, liability must be considered. Because the debris is on your property, ask for the removal service to provide current insurance that fully covers their employees. 

If you have the type of project that will benefit with the convenience of a dumpster roll-off rental, insist that the dumpster rollers and front be placed on protective boards, preventing any scratching on a driveway. 

Both removal service and dumpster rental are options when you are unable to fit in your weekly trash or do not have a vehicle to haul. Your best option can be decided with a little preparation in comparing those options. When comparing, give us a call. We have 5 different sizes of dumpsters and we will help you find the perfect size for your project.