Friday, 4 September 2020

Beware Of Out-Of-State Dumpster Brokers


So, you have decided it is time for that kitchen remodel or it’s time to clean out the garage. A roll-off dumpster makes those projects go smoothly with quick disposal of debris. Your first step is finding a dumpster rental company. All rental companies are NOT the same. It is not only important to find the best size of dumpster for your project, but also to find a company that is dedicated to its customers. Most consumers feel the most safe and satisfied when they go with a local business. But with today’s technology, what appears to be local may not be. There are 3rd party brokers that use local phone numbers and are actually not in the state of Oklahoma. This can be confusing! When looking for a dumpster, consider the following for the best rental experience. 


What Is A Dumpster Rental Broker? 

 A 3rd party dumpster rental broker is essentially a call center that is set up in A DIFFERENT state. The broker does not own dumpsters and does not employ drivers that drive the trucks. In order for them to get a dumpster to you, they call local companies to fulfill the order. This process can take more time because they have to find a dumpster company with availability and with the best profit margin for them.  This can lose time for you and your project in two ways...1. It will take time for the 3rd party to call local dumpster companies. And 2. If their profit is more with a company that does not have availability for a week, they will choose that company, leaving your project delayed. 

Choosing a dumpster rental broker can actually cost you 10-20% more than if you work with a local dumpster company directly!


Expect a Safer Rental From Local Dumpster Companies

When renting a dumpster for your home or construction project, you should require the assurance that the company you rent from is fully insured from their trucks to their drivers. A broker can only complicate this safety by being involved indirectly. Will the broker be fully responsible if there is damage or will they disappear? And how well does the broker know the dumpster company if they have never been to that company? A local company is your safest choice. 

List Of Dumpster Brokers That Service The OKC Metro Area:

*The list is long so we have chosen to only list the more popular ones found on a Google Search.













How To Know It Is A Dumpster Broker Service


As mentioned, a local 405 number may be listed for a broker that is not in Oklahoma. READ REVIEWS! Local companies will have more reviews and it’s the best way to find your dumpster rental. The reviews are from your neighbors, co-workers, and friends who have gone through the rental process. 


Next, ask questions if you are not sure they are local! A local company will happily and easily answer your questions. 


Finally, call Bin There Dump That for the best local dumpster rental experience. Our service is quick, convenient, and we take extra precautions protecting your property. Call us today at 405-640-4345 and ask us how.