Monday, 5 October 2020

Residential Friendly Dumpsters Are Best Option For Homeowners AND Contractors

“Residential Friendly” is the best option for homes and we are the experts in central Oklahoma. Call us today at 405-640-4345 to discuss your specific needs, we will be glad to help! 


When we say “Residential Friendly” we don’t just mean our service is completed by friendly employees. Sure, from the moment you order and have your bin delivered to the pickup of the dumpster, it is with friendly employees, but “Residential Friendly” goes beyond that. Smaller trucks, bins with a smaller footprint, and a board system to protect the property, make for the best option for homeowners and contractors, alike. 


Smaller Dumpster Trucks


At Bin There Dump That OKC, we have a fleet of smaller trucks that are “Residential Friendly.” Our F550s, and even our M2 and F650 are small enough to fit in the tightest of spots. These trucks come equipped to safely transport the dumpster around other motorists fully aboard the truck, with no overhang. Also, the trucks are not large triple axle trucks and can maneuver in areas much more freely. Besides the smaller trucks being able to fit into small driveways, you can feel confident that there is no unnecessary weight on that driveway, preventing undue stress and cracking. 


Specially Sized Dumpsters


“Residential Friendly” also applies to our dumpsters. Instead of long dumpsters, Bin There Dump That OKC has dumpsters that can easily fit on one side of a driveway or in a single car driveway. The dumpsters have a smaller footprint that is about the size of a minivan. Even if there is a carport, our trucks are able to fit most of our dumpster sizes under that structure. Basketball goal? No problem! The dumpster can easily be set under it if that is where you need it placed. But don’t let ‘smaller’ dumpsters fool you, because of their 90 degree design, our dumpsters allow for plenty of debris! In fact, this shape sets us apart from other companies because of the maximum area inside the bin. 


Protection and Appearance

“Residential Friendly” also means our service is completely centered around the protection of your site. Whether you are a homeowner, contractor, or renter, our dumpsters are placed with a cleated board system. Larger dumpsters are normally placed directly on your concrete driveway. When the larger dumpsters are picked up, the metal of the dumpster scratches the driveway. Our board system ensures there is no contact on your driveway with our metal rollers. 


Besides the protection of the driveway, our bins are a friendly, light green color that won’t be an eyesore in the neighborhood. In fact, our delivery experts will even sweep up the area after the dumpster has been filled, leaving a clean spot.