Monday, 9 November 2020

Four Reasons Going To The Landfill That Could Cost You


From clearing clutter to construction, many projects acquire large amounts of debris that you cannot dispose of with your weekly trash service. There are other options to use beside your weekly trash service to quickly dispose of the trash. When you have bulky items, heavy material, or even material your weekly service doesn’t allow, you will need to get it to the landfill. There are a few ways to accomplish this, including transporting the debris yourself or renting a roll-off dumpster. Here are four reasons with going to landfill yourself that could cost you. 


Equipment Needed To Haul Junk Yourself


In order to haul debris yourself to your city landfill, a pickup or trailer is needed. Not everyone has this equipment on hand to use. There are companies that will rent out this equipment. This cost will be the first in hauling the debris yourself. 


Safe Transport To Local Landfill


Once you have loaded the debris, the next step is to safely transport it to the local landfill. It is important to protect your load from blowing out of the transporting vehicle. Debris hauled in a trailer or pickup bed should be properly covered to prevent littering, or even worse, debris damaging other vehicles or harming drivers. 


Also, unfortunately landfills are messy. This mess includes nails and even sharper items that will ruin tires which can be very costly and possibly end up costing more to replace than the cost of renting a dumpster. There is also a risk of stepping on these sharp objects when you get out of your vehicle to unload your items. There is no safe path to avoid such items. 


Local and State Dump Fees


Once you have hauled the debris to the landfill, the weight or cubic yardage of your debris will determine the cost of your dump fees. In addition to the disposal fee that you will be charged, there are other fees that will be added such as a water recovery fee as well as both city and state fees. These charges can add up if the material is heavy or you have multiple loads. 




Time is money! Yes, YOUR time is money! Of course, doing projects yourself can save you money, but that extra time spent driving, on fuel, and unloading your debris at the landfill should be considered. 


A roll-off dumpster rental can save you time and money when needing to dispose of debris. Give us a call and we will find the perfect size for your project and make it stress free!