Tuesday, 1 December 2020

The 3 Best Home Projects For December

December is cold but it is the perfect time to focus on projects around the home. When the weather gets chilly, we tend to notice all of the areas of the home that can be updated and cleaned. Now is the time to take advantage of the cooler temps and finish those projects you’ve wanted to get done. 


Home Remodeling Projects


A perfect project for December is updating your floors. Is the carpet worn out? Is the tile outdated? There are so many affordable options out there to replace your floors for an updated look AND for less maintenance and cleaning! Whether it is stripping down to the concrete or replacing with a faux wood plank, now is the time to refresh your entire home’s look with one quick change! 


Other areas popular for quick updates are the kitchen and bathrooms. Fixtures and appliances can age a home. Your best return on investment is updating these rooms for when you sell. 


Cleaning The Garage


December is the month we are reminded of how important a garage truly is. A clutter-free garage can be utilized for protecting vehicles from the weather. Do you have items that have made their way to the garage to sell later? Have they been there for a few years? Have the items multiplied to where they are taking up valuable space? With today’s busy schedules, few people have the time to hold a garage sale. And sadly, a garage sale is not bringing the returns that garage sales in past decades once brought. The average garage sale can take several weeks to prepare and a full weekend to keep open. The average amount made is around $500, hardly paying for your time. A faster option is to clear the clutter in a day to make way for a clear garage and less stress. 


Clearing Out The Old


And now is the time when we clear out the old to make way for the new that may be coming our way this holiday season. Did you ask for a new crock pot this year or a vacuum cleaner because the old ones are barely working? Every year, we replace items we already have with newer versions. The old appliances and e-waste are usually stored away. If your plans are to replace electronics or appliances, quick disposal is easy with a Bin There Dump That dumpster. Also if this is the year for a new Christmas tree or different theme for decorations, the old items can be quickly cleared out. 


Whether you want to remodel, update, or clean out your home, a roll-off dumpster can help with the large, the bulky, and the items not allowed with your regular trash service. When your trash can isn’t enough, BinThere Dump That can help with these December home projects. Call us today and we will help you with the perfect size for your needs