Monday, 17 May 2021

Dumpster Projects For May


May is a busy time. Besides school ending for the year for many, a bunch of moves take place at this time. In fact, 80% of moves happen between April and September, with June and July being peak time. That means along with Spring, major projects arise. A dumpster rental can help facilitate those projects, making them run smoothly and end quickly. 


Selling The Home/Moving


May is a popular month for selling homes. Moving is easier when the kids are out of school. This month is used for preparing the home to be placed on the market. With a roll-off dumpster, a quick clearing of unused clutter can be easily accomplished by discarding the items in the bin. The bins have double rear doors that create a walk-in environment that aids in heavy items being placed into the dumpster. From furniture to appliances and e-waste, a dumpster can rid the broken and unusable items and make the home appear at its best for potential buyers. And with our board protection system, the dumpster will not make contact with the driveway, fully protecting the concrete from any scratches. This will keep your home at its top value.


Once the home sells and it’s time to move, a dumpster will be your best friend in discarding boxes and the items that you have decided not to keep. Roll-off dumpsters help with bulky items that cannot fit in the city’s utility cart and the large amounts that cannot be hauled away quickly.


Yard Maintenance/Spring Cleaning


Even if you do not have a move planned in the near future, Spring is the perfect time to declutter and get the yard ready for the summer months. May brings warmer weather but it also brings storms. Now is the time to clean out your garage so vehicles can be parked inside to protect them from costly damage. The old treadmill that no longer works, the old boxes of clothes that never sold in the garage sale can be thrown into the dumpster.

While you have the dumpster for Spring cleaning of the home and garage/attic, take advantage by utilizing it for yard debris and improving your landscaping. Any leaves and old mulch can be cleared out of the yard and gutters during May cleanup. Also, add the grass clippings from that first Spring mow.


Neighborhood Cleanup/Garage Sales


May is also a good time to hold garage sales and neighborhood cleanups. Bins can be rented through the HOA and shared by homeowners. With a neighborhood rental, that one item that keeps getting missed can be added to the neighborhood’s roll-off dumpster. Plus, after a neighborhood-wide garage sale, leftover unsold items can be thrown away, completing the job.


And neighborhood common areas can be quickly cleaned up over a weekend with volunteers and a dumpster. Fallen tree branches, broken park equipment, and trash can be thrown out to be ready for summer use.


Take advantage of the warmer weather and call Bin There Dump That today for your dumpster rental.