Friday, 6 August 2021

Help! My Garage Is Full Of Stuff, What Do I Do?


Most Americans that own homes with garages use that space for storage and park outside of them. It is estimated that only 20-30% of garages are used for vehicles. With the average garage being a double, this is around 450 square feet of space that is occupied by ‘stuff’ that is not used daily. While it is easy and convenient to use the garage, eventually the space can become unsafe. And while some items must be stored in a garage, now is the time to go through the items that are continuously being overlooked and piling up.


First Step


Call Bin There Dump That and we will bring out a dumpster that will be placed in your driveway. The dumpster sits on a board system so the driveway is fully protected. Also, the dumpster has double doors that open to your garage, making it a breeze to walk in heavy items or toss others. Having your dumpster there from Day 1 will help the sorting and the entire project go much quicker.   


Step Two


The toughest part of cleaning out a garage is deciding what stays and what goes. It is easy to accumulate items year over year which makes it difficult to go through. Sorting these items is the next step in clearing out your garage space. There are three groups you can use to help sort through the clutter. First, is the item something you will use in the future? Is the item broken? Could the item be used by someone else? With these answers, you can decide if you want to place in the keep group, toss group, or donate group. 


Once you have established which items go to which group, you can start to clear out the garage. The roll-off dumpster just outside the garage will be handy in clearing out the stuff you will be throwing away. Once you have cleared out the items you need to toss, collect the donations for giving away.


Final Step


Finally, after disposing of unusable and broken debris in the dumpster and giving away donated items, the goal is to organize your garage for the stuff you are keeping. A clear garage is a safer garage. It is time to install shelving and hooks to store items up off the ground, leaving the area safe for walking and perfect for parking. Before finishing up, do a final walk-through of items to make sure everything is visible and organized. If you pack it away, you will most likely forget about it. Take advantage of the Bin There Dump Dump That dumpster to eliminate future clutter.