Thursday, 4 November 2021

What Size Of Dumpster Do I Need?


The most difficult decision about a home project or cleanout is not WHETHER you need a dumpster, it is what SIZE is needed. Bin There Dump That has several sizes to facilitate your projects.


Home Cleanout


There are many times a dumpster can be used for cleaning out your home. From garage and attic clearing to moving, a dumpster quickly clears out space. When needing to dispose of items that your normal trash service can’t handle, call Bin There Dump That for a perfect sized dumpster. We will suggest a few different sizes to make sure you get the right size for your project. Starting at the 10 yd, suggested for a single car garage cleanout, and up to the 14 yd and 20 yd that will accommodate several rooms and furniture.


Home Cleanup


The cleanup of a home is different from a cleanout. This typically means leftover junk from a tenant or previous homeowner and yard debris, such as tree limbs. Our larger bins, such as the 14 yard and 20 yard will help tremendously when faced with large tree limbs and other items in the yard or shed. Because your city or town will more than likely not take bulk trash conveniently or even at all, Bin There Dump That is the perfect solution in cleaning up the outside of your home.




Your home is an investment and maintaining its highest value is important. Renovation and/or remodeling may be needed in order to keep your home at its best! Some renovation examples are replacing windows or worn out flooring and outdated systems such as air conditioning. Remodeling can be updating the kitchen or bathroom. Bin There Dump That specializes in dumpsters for home use. Not only do we have a 6 yard for a bathroom remodel, we have a 10 yard for a kitchen remodel and our larger sizes for renovations that go beyond one room. AND, with our 100% board protection, you can be assured that the dumpster will not damage your driveway.




Most of our customers and contractors calling for 20 yard bins are pleasantly surprised when our Dumpster Consultant tells them we can handle most of their roof jobs with a 10 yard or 14 yard bin. These compact bins that are Residential Friendly, can be snug up to the home for a quick roof replacement, allowing for shingles to be tossed right in the dumpster. And, as an added protection, we will sweep for nails when picking up the dumpster.




The other heavy materials besides shingles, are dirt, rock, concrete, and brick. Bin There Dump That’s fleet of dumpsters includes smaller dumpster sizes, such as the 6 yd for these type of jobs. Our smaller sizes can be filled to the top with this material, while allowing our Residential Friendly trucks to lift the contents. Bin There Dump That knows there are many different types of projects from big to small cleanouts, and small to heavy loads, that’s why we have several different dumpster sizes to choose for your project. Give us a call and we will help you with the perfect size.