Tuesday, 18 January 2022

What To Do/Not To Do With Water Damage


Winter is the time of year that our homes are more vulnerable for water damage. Winter storms can result in pipes bursting or roof leaks. Whether it is from a winter storm or any unforeseen event, here are some tips for water accidents. 


Tips To Avoid Water Damage


Your best protection for your home is the exterior. It is important to check these exteriors annually…window sealing, roof, and all brick and siding. All need to be maintained for any water events. Next, it is important to disconnect outside hoses each Fall and cover outside faucets. All guttering and downspouts should be cleared out a few times each year to avoid debris and ice blockage. And plant vegetation that will not wrap around pipes.


Inside the home, make sure to know where the water main is and how to turn off/on. Appliances can also be a common cause for water damage, so make sure to check and maintain hoses. Hoses typically have a lifespan of 5 years. Finally, be mindful of your water bill and water pressure. Monitoring your water bill can possibly detect a leak that might not be seen. And setting water pressure for around 40-70 psi can avoid high pressure that might bust pipes.


Steps To Take After Water Damage


The first step is to turn off the water in your home once damage is discovered. Next, turn off electricity, as water and electricity do not mix. Once you have a safer environment, put on protective gear to inspect your home. This is the time to move valuables to safer areas and protect any items you can by moving their locations. Once you have stabilized your home, contact your insurance provider to discuss the procedure for a claim.


Next, is deciding to employ professionals or clean up the damage yourself. There are restoration services available that will do the work. Professionals will bring equipment to start the drying out process. If you are going to do it yourself, use buckets and mops to remove excess water, then start the dehumidifying procedures of opening windows or using fans. 


Order A Dumpster


No matter though if you do it yourself or hire someone else, unfortunately there will be removal of damaged items throughout the process. Some items will succumb to damage right away and some damage of items may be noticed later in the process. Call Bin There Dump That to order a dumpster for the removal of all damaged items such as furniture, flooring, bedding, etc. We can help you with the perfect size and your insurance provider most likely will cover the cost in your claim. Water accidents are a stressful time, but be assured we will help you by easing the stress with quick setup and removal.




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