Tuesday, 22 February 2022

3 Budget-Friendly Winter Projects


The winter months are the perfect time to tackle indoor projects. Colder temperatures lead to more time indoors and the realization that our homes could use some TLC or updating. Take advantage of the winter season by marking some of these projects off your list and enjoy the results without breaking the bank.


Kitchen/Bathroom Makeover


The kitchen and bathrooms are the rooms where the most time is spent. Simple additions or replacements can make over these rooms. Cabinetry designs have evolved into very ornate, very sleek, or very durable. The kitchen and bathroom can brighten up again with just changing the cabinets, but even just a hardware replacement can revamp these popular rooms.


With the time spent in these areas of the home, appliances and fixtures become worn. Changing out toilets, replacing tubs or appliances can not only freshen the look, but add value to the home.


Update Lighting


Lighting has come a long way since its invention. The very common and often few choices have grown into a large variety of the strength of lighting, the style of fixture, and the direction of the source. Lighting is many times used as focal points in homes. With so many choices though, comes the time with styles becoming outdated and even newer inventions, such as LED.


If you have been in a home for 5 or more years, you have probably noticed new styles being introduced. Home improvement stores have multiple aisles full of choices and the kits have made it very easy to do it yourself. Even if you do employ an electrician to replace, this budget-friendly update will transform your home’s look and feel.


Refresh Window Treatments


Another part of the home that needs changing every few years is window treatments, especially if the treatments are curtains or shades. Mostly window treatments become stressed with the elements, lacking their initial beauty. With furniture updates, paint, window treatments also become outdated or non complementary. And sometimes our lifestyle choices change, wanting the ease of blinds or eliminating blinds because of the difficulty in cleaning. Whatever your choice, refreshing your home with new window treatments can be a quick winter project.


The greatest part of these projects is they are not that expensive, yet make a huge impact. When you are ready to take on one or all of these winter projects, give Bin There Dump That a call and we will provide you with a small dumpster to dispose of the old items.