Friday, 16 September 2022

What Do I Need To Do To Start My Home Remodel?


Start With A Plan – Entire Home Remodel Checklist

The first thing you need to do before beginning any home remodeling project, or home renovation, is make a plan! Make yourself a checklist.  You might even want to begin to make drawings. The first thing you want to add to your checklist is your budget. Meet with your local bank or lending agent to determine what budget is right for you.  Once your budget is set, the next step would be choosing a local contractor, architect, or designer. Make sure the contractor you choose is reputable, local, and has all their permits and licenses up to date.  You may find this information on sites like the Central Oklahoma Home Builder’s Association, your local Chamber of Commerce, or the Better Business Bureau. The next thing you need to do, with the help of your new contractor, is to get any city permits you may need all lined up.  All of this is necessary before you can begin your home remodeling project.


Create a Timeline for Remodel

You have your budget and team in place.  Now it is time to create your timeline. With the help of your contractor, choose a desired start and completion date. Determine the length of time each step of the remodeling process will take.  Discuss which steps should be completed first and which steps can occur concurrently. Understand that supply of materials may alter your timeline.  Try to choose items already in stock or are easily obtainable at your local hardware store, flooring, furniture stores, etc.

Stay in close communication with your contractor throughout the home remodeling process to make sure things are still going well with your timeline and budget. Of course, unforeseen things can throw off any home remodel project so allow for wiggle room for unexpected issues.   


Time To Pack Up and Prepare for Your Home Remodel

Will you be staying in your home during the remodel or packing up and staying somewhere else like a family member’s house or an Extended Stay Hotel? Either way you may need to pack up a significant amount of belongings to make room for the remodel or to protect some of your most valuable possessions.  You may consider renting a storage unit or renting a storage box that can remain safely in your driveway until you are ready to move back into your newly remodeled home.


Begin The Demolition

It is actually time to start the demolition and remodeling of your home! You have your contractor, designer, budget, and timeline.  What do you need for the demolition? The first thing you will need is a dumpster to hold all of the waste being removed from your home. Be sure to use a dumpster company that is punctual and can swap out full dumpsters for empty ones quickly to keep your project moving along. There is nothing worse than having your project, delayed a day or two because the dumpster company is unable to swap out the dumpsters in a timely manner.  Also, have you thought about where the crew members will be using the restroom and washing their hands?  Chances are the water and plumbing to your home may be turned off during the demolition process.  You will need to check into renting a porta potty and portable handwashing station.


The Remodeling May Now Begin

This is the fun part! Once all the framing, drywall, and trim work is complete you, your contractor, and designer get to start discussing all the fun stuff like paint color or wallpaper choices! Then cabinetry, lighting, bathtubs, and showers are next followed by picking out new doors, windows, and flooring!


 Your Home Remodel Is Complete!

It is now time to move your furniture, décor, appliances and other items back into your beautiful new space! Consider using carts and drop cloths to avoid damaging your new floors and walls! Once everything has found it’s new place,  sit back and relax while enjoying your newly remodeled home!



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